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Lock Pick Sets



We stock the most effective, highest quality lock pick sets that allow you to open locks and doors without keys. At LockpickWorld, we offer the widest and most effective range of pick sets found nowhere else, with a unmatched collections of lockpicks with practice locks, pick guns, lockpick video tutorials, and our free ultimate lock picking guide that teaches you how to use all our lock pick sets and speeds you on your locksmith training journey.

We are so much more than a simple shop; our curated range of tools for all levels of lock picker from beginner to locksmith allows easy access to every lock you care to mention. Lock Pick set reviews give unique insights into real world applications, and our superlative post-sale service is exceptional - if we do say so ourselves.

You won't find a better collection of British specialist 'Dangerfield' Stainless Steel Lock Pick Sets, German quality Multipick sets, American-made SouthOrd picksets, the entire Peterson Lock Pick range, LAB, Lokko boxed Lock Pick Brain Training sets, GOSO, KLOM  and much much more - all broken down easily for you into lock type and lock method categories.

You deserve the best - which is why we carry the whole range of picking and access tools for every situation. Whether you’re just starting out in locksport as a hobbyist and need our lock pick boxed set, or you’re working as a covert access specialist, and you want to buy one of every type - we have exactly the right range of professional locksmith quality lock picking tools for you at the right prices.

Every lock pick set here will give you the ability to open many types of locks - from cylinder locks to tubular locks, to padlocks to car door locks. We also have a video section that show you the lock picking tools working in the hands of both our experts and our customers.

With over 10 years trading online and specializing in lock picking tools, we select only the best variety of picks for you to ensure a great, versatile range whatever your requirements or skill.

Picking locks is fun and challenging, but only if you have the right tools at your disposal. If you've got the wrong lockpicking kit, what would otherwise be a rewarding and enjoyable hobby could become tedious and frustrating. Meanwhile, if you work as a locksmith, you need access to a professional lock pick set to serve your clients and customers properly. Without the right lock pick kit, you're not getting anything done.

Whether you're an aspiring lockpicking enthusiast or a professional locksmith looking to hone your skills, LockPickWorld has exactly what you're looking for! Here at Lockpick World, we offer the best price you’ll find on lockpick tools, picking sets, and other items to help you learn the art and science of non-destructive entry.

If you're looking to learn lockpicking and buy a lockpicking set that's appropriate for beginners, search no further: You can sort our lock pick tools by price, type, and brand, making it easy to find the perfect lock pick tools for your needs. We're not just for beginners, though: We offer a full range of professional-level picks and kits, including dimple picks, comb padlock picks, practice pin cylinder locks, and dozens of other picks and accessories from trusted brands such as SouthOrd and our own popular Dangerfield line.

LockPickWorld knows what it takes to provide you the best value. No matter the lock pick set you order from us, you can rest assured you'll be offered the best price around. That's why hobbyists and professionals alike rely on our quality service. When you're looking for a new lockpick set, there's only one place to order from. Trust LockPickWorld for all your lock picking set needs!