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Electric Lock Pick Guns

Electric Lock Pick Gun Options

I once spent four hours straight trying to single-pin pick the legendary Banham dimple lock. A dimple lock like no other, where each pin in each two-pin stack is separate and opposed to the other, they push into the lock by a spring, each and made even trickier by one of the springs in each stack being stronger than the other one. This, of course, creates two shearlines, one on each side. It is, I must say, the hardest lock I have ever picked—and I have only ever picked it once!

The point is I spent four hours with my lock picks on it. The time I have spent on bumping—were you to add all those hours up—is even more insane. Hand-filing new patterns from scratch onto blank keys, measuring fractions of fractions with vernier calipers, and polishing the cuts with wet ’n’ dry for days on end—it’s a pleasure, sometimes, as I pointed out in my last blog, to spend time on things in a culture that is obsessed with speed, that is obsessed with getting things done and moving on.

Yes, lock picking can bring out the patient craftsman in us all. Tirelessly working over minute details, it appeals to the romantic image of the watchmaker working by candlelight, hunched over the object of his obsession, way into the night. It can in this sense be a beautiful, calming, almost meditative thing.

All well and good. But there comes a time when none of the above is required, when there’s a job as a lock pick professional to do. And when there’s a job to do, time means money, not a relaxing pleasure. When you’re staring the bottom line in the eyes, you don’t want to be meditating!

This is the moment of the electric lock pick guns (EGP), also called snap guns. Lock picks guns are tools that do nothing but open locks. There’s no art, no eloquence, no style or passion. Just a unit, an engine, a needle, and a hell of a lot of vibration. Consider electric lock pick guns as lock-picking robots that complete the circuit between the human picker and the mechanical lock. Enter the machines!

There are many electric lock pick guns on the market, each with the usual array of pros and cons. I’ve used most electric lock pick guns, and over the years, I’ve tried them in the field and in the workshop. I’ve spoken to many, many people about what they like, what they don’t like, what works and what doesn’t, what they want, and what’s on offer for each electric lock pick gun.

That’s why we offer three electric lock pick gun options: economy, mid-range pro, and the very top-of-the-range, best lock pick guns you can lay your hands on.

In this blog, I’ll tell you a bit about each electric lock pick gun and help you, should you wish to buy one, make an informed decision and work out what’s best for you. So, without further ado, let’s go!

The Multipick Kronos Electric Lock Pick Gun

Like all Multipick tools, the Kronos lock pick gun is immediately nice on the eyes. Okay, that’s the understatement of the century; these electric lock pick guns are absolutely beautiful, the pornography of electric pick guns: elegant, cool, stylish, and slick. You can tell just by looking at this German-designed and manufactured electric lock pick gun that you’re dealing with quality.

The Multipick “Kronos.” I know, the picture makes you want one.

Once you pick this electric lock pick gun up, this feeling is compounded tenfold. These electric pick guns are a work of art: the finishing is perfect, the weight is satisfying without being clumsy, and there’s a good sense of balance with a bias toward the needle end. In fact, everything about this in-house-built electric lock pick gun is an absolute pleasure—and explains why Multipick literally cannot keep up with demand for these lock pick guns. If you want one and they’re in stock, I suggest you pounce!

The Kronos in the case made for it. Wonderful!

It works as you’d expect—in a manner consistent with the build quality. The power of this lock pick gun is staggering for such a small unit, yet it purrs like a cat, unlike other premium (priced) lock pick guns.

The complete Kronos Kit with a circular tension tool, plug spinner, replacement needles, and more.

With the option to purchase these snap guns alone, in a bespoke case or with the case and an array of associated Multipick locksmith tools, the Kronos electric lock pick gun offers the user the choice of continuing the build of his kit and creating what I think is the perfect electric pick gun (EPG) system. Being able to build up in stages is just perfect and keeps this wonder of lock-picking magic available to all.

Kronos, in short:

  • A pure lock-picking machine.
  • Top-quality German engineering from top to bottom.
  • Almost silent yet extremely powerful lock-picking action.
  • In his excellent review, Bosnian Bill called it a “master key.”

The KLOM Electric Lock Pick Gun

Once upon a time, about 10 years ago, there were no budget lock pick guns. You either forked out a few hundred for a top-of-the-range professional lock pick gun or made your own. Yes, making your own lock pick guns. There was even one lock pick supplier that was selling electric lock pick guns that were converted from a set of electric scissors. They’re no longer around, the scissor-based lock pick guns or the supplier, by the way!

The KLOM EPG—these electric picks came out of nowhere and took everyone by surprise.

Then one day some stock arrived from China. Usual stuff a professional locksmith may need—wafer rakes, padlock shims, some lock picks. And there in the corner was this funny-looking orange lock pick gun. I thought nothing of it and went about running my business. They even sent me an email with a price—$40 or similar it was then, which made me laugh. I mean, can you imagine what kind of lock-picking gun you’re going to get for $40?

The KLOM complete with tools, a charger and spinning and flicking chucks.

A few weeks later, with a lack of anything better to do, I decided to charge it up and have a go. MIND-BLOWN. I’d just made a video about bumping locks and had 15 Eurocylinders on my kitchen table. The KLOM electric lock pick gun opened 11 of them. Wow. Forty dollars, you say? And I ordered 25 of these electric picks. The following week, I sold 25. The following day I was inundated with emails asking when I’d be getting them back in stock. The KLOM had landed.

The KLOM EPG all packed neatly into its own protective case.

I got so excited by this that I saw an opportunity. These were some of the best lock pick guns that were not only cheap but worked amazingly well. They were going to sell like hotcakes. There was pretty much no competition and huge demand—gold dust to an online business. I spent the night looking for KLOM online, the original Korean company. No luck. These people were keeping their heads down. But I did find their main distributor, and we exchanged emails all night, me asking for European exclusivity to sell the KLOM lock-picking gun. You can imagine my shock and delight when it was finally agreed on. At about 6 AM, I got the email I had been waiting for. For a fixed fee and an initial order yet to be agreed, I was going to be given exclusivity for this new budget wonder tool. Convinced they would sell millions, I set about making some videos, still amazed at this electric lock pick gun’s incredible lock-opening ability.

You can imagine my shock the following day when I received an invoice for some $3 million. Ha! Needless to say, I didn’t have anywhere near that kind of money, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have been able to store the zillion KLOM lock pick guns they were intending to send over by the shipping container full. So I wrote back and said I’ll just take another 25 for now.

The KLOM comes with a wide selection of replacement needles.

The KLOM lock pick guns work a treat. These snap guns are not high-end products but don’t pretend to be. If you’re looking for a tool you’ll be using all day every day, this is not for you. Budget items don’t offer that kind of luxury—their strengths lie elsewhere. If you want that kind of toughness and durability, you need to spend a bit more. However, what you are going to get is a very good EPG, a lock-picking gun that will open a decent amount of locks with very little training and very little fuss to use.

It doesn’t purr like a cat, sure, and it’s a bit orange. But it comes with a good range of picks and a nice case, and it does what it says on the tin. The KLOM lock pick gun opened up the lock-picking machine to everyone who’s serious about non-destructive entry, and that’s an incredible thing.

KLOM in short:

  • For the price of a night out, you’re getting excellent electric lock picks
  • With almost no lock-picking knowledge, you can open many locks, immediately.
  • Ideal for caretakers, handymen, etc., with occasional lock-picking needs and with little or no lock-picking training or knowledge.

The Dino Li-ion Electric Lock Pick Gun

The Dino electric picks came onto the scene with little or no hype and gradually established itself as the go-to mid-range lock pick gun for the professional lock opener. Well built, good design, and the ability to open locks well out of its price range, the Dino snap guns have been a regular contender for best lock-picking gun for many years now as it ticks so many boxes.

The Dino Li-ion—these snap guns are good quality, durable, and effective.

There are a couple of things about this lock pick gun I really like. The Li-ion Battery technology was a real step up for the time and continues today to provide a superb amount of power from a relatively quick charging time. Li-ion batteries have a notoriously bad charging-to-use ratio, but in the case of lock pick guns, when you only need a few short bursts to open a lock, it’s like the perfect battery. Set it on charge the night before work, and you’ll have a fully functioning lock pick gun for more than a few locks, certainly more than you’ll need. In short, it works.

The Dino lock pick gun comes with a good range of needles, wrenches, and a broken key extractor.

I am also impressed with the light on the front of this lock pick gun. Any professional locksmith will tell you that a lot of their work, especially emergency work, is carried out at night or in other low-light conditions. Looking for a tiny keyway in a tiny lock can be a problem, yet this was solved nicely by attaching a torchlight on the front of these lock pick guns, which activates when the trigger is pulled and stays on for a short while after.

The Dino Li-ion electric lock pick gun, understandably a favorite of any professional locksmith.

Dino Li-ion, in short:

  • Durable, tough, professional-quality lock pick gun that opens more locks than its price suggests.
  • A great battery that will last well beyond what’s required and last for years.
  • Light makes a difference to an all-round quality lock pick gun.

So there you go. There are plenty of other lock pick guns on the market, but these are the lock pick guns I have selected over the years that have tried most of them. I have made sure we have a lock pick gun for everyone—their different needs and their different budgets. If you can trust my decades of experience and the many great reviews all of our EPGs have received, then you have here a fair and honest summary of the best of the pack upon which you can base your purchase. Know you’re getting the best lock pick gun for the money.

While we’re at it, it’s worth mentioning circular tension tools are an absolute dream to use with lock pick guns. They tend to hold in the lock a little bit more—ideal when you’re pumping it full of mad lock pick gun energy. You can see ours HERE.

The Multipick Circular Tension tool—predictably awesome.