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Practice Locks

Practice locks are locks that have additional features to make learning the art of lock picking easier. If you want to learn how to pick locks, a practice lock will absolutely help you improve faster!

Cut-away locks are real locks that have been cut-away to expose the pins and springs, allowing you to see what's happening when you insert the key or your lock picks. Clear locks are fully formed, but again, allow you to see what's happening.

Progressive and metal locks we offer will improve your picking through practice on lock varieties of an intermediate to high level. There is no quicker way to understand the process required to pick a lock than a clear lock, cut-away lock or metal lock.

Some of our practice locks are neither cut-away or clear, rather they offer the lock picker an 'easier' real lock to start on. Many people ask me how to pick a door lock, and yet I would advise NOT picking locks in use unless you have to. Damage is rare, but a practice lock saves you taking the risk. Learning the correct amount of pressure and tension to apply, starting to 'feel' the pins in the lock, and practise holding the lock are all important skills learned through experience.

If you want to know how to pick a lock, this is a great place to start. A clear or cut-away lock and a set of lock picks and you're off.

We also have some great Dimple practice locks and progressive skill metal locks if you're feeling more advanced!

Frequently Asked Questions on Lock Pick Sets

Some common lock pick how-to questions and why lock pick sets are awesome:

How do you practice lock picking?

Knowing how to lock pick is an underrated skill. You never know when you’ll need to pick padlocks! Here’s a quick and simple guide on how lockpicking works:

Know Your Tools

Identify the basic tools you’ll need in lockpicking. Here are the two most important ones:

  • Tension Wrench - An L-shaped piece of metal. These come in different variants. Get a high-quality one to get the best out of this tool.
  • Feeler Picks - These are picks used to gauge the pins inside a given padlock. Again, go for a high-quality variant to get the most out of this tool.

Practice with a Set

The reason why practice sets exist is for you to safely learn this skill without breaking apart different locks. An efficient set is one that will give you a good variety of locks to pick.

What is the best lockpicking set?

The best set offers not only high-quality tools, but also a great learning curve in knowing how to unlock. Here are three of our most popular sets from our collection:
Clear Practice Padlock with Visible Mechanism - Ideal for Lock Pick Training
Pick locks with ease and safety. The clear casing gives you a great view on how pins are engaged. This also works as a conventional padlock!

Dangerfield Training Practice Locks for Lock Pickers, Set of Three
Improve your lockpicking skill with this set. Comes with three difficulty levels to help you unlock certain configurations.

Lokko Clear Lock Pick Training Padlock Blue : Medium Difficulty
Learn how spoon pins work with this set. The clear casing allows you to see your progress in unlocking this padlock!