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Tubular Lock Picks

While no lock picking tool is 100% effective, I can say with my hand on my heart that I’ve never known any of our tubular lock picks to fail. They are simply incredible.

Our tubular lock pick sets are known to be reliable for opening your typical tubular locks. A tubular lock pick can come in handy when you lose a key for a specific door in your house or piece of furniture and need to open it. Our tubular lock pick sets can pick tubular locks commonly found in safes, lockers, and display cases.

These tubular lock picks can last you a few years if you take good care of them. The pin tubular lock pick set varies depending on what you need, and for this, we offer the 7 and 8 pin tubular lock pick set. It’s not really new knowledge that these tools are specialized depending on the lock, but usually 7, 8, and 10 have the same sizes, just a different pin count.

What Is a Tubular Lock Pick?

A tubular lock pick is made to use for tubular locks, which are circular and commonly found in drawers, safes, lockers, and more. Since it has a specialized design, it not as responsive to your average flat lock picks.

Since the locks are different, the picks used to open them are specialized. They often come in varieties of 7, 8, and 10 pins. Tubular lock picks also have needles that copy the impression inside the locks to make new keys.

How Do You Determine the Right Lock Pick?

If you want to know what kind of picks you might need for your lock, you have to peep through the lock itself and see the number of pins inside.

For each set, you will have an adjustment key that you can use for your picking to measure the pin impression. This will help you decode your lock and make a new key for it. If you don’t want a new key, you can use the strong collet to keep the impressions in place, and you will have yourself a functional key.

How to Use a Tubular Lock Pick?

What makes our lock picks even more incredible is their ease of use. These tubular lock picks are simplicity itself. Make sure the needles are flush by pushing the lock pick onto a hard, flat surface, tighten the tension ring, then slowly insert into the lock, turning left and right as you push it further.

Our pin and lock picks for our tubular lock picking sets are equally durable and can withstand a beating, especially for instances when the lock won’t budge. On the off-chance it doesn't work, reset the pick and loosen the tension ring before trying again. I doubt you'll need to do it more than three times — it usually works after one try!

Dive into the Art of Lock Picking with Our Durable Tools

Our lock picking set can be a nice addition to your working tools in the shed. Plus, it can withstand a good amount of wear and tear! Like any other item in your toolkit, your picks might get ruined, but rest-assured that the pins or needles are replaceable when needed.

We also have a selection of tubular practice locks and a variety of other items associated with tubular locks. Dive in! There's no need to be scared of these locks when you have the right tools. Order today, and you’ll be on your way to learning a new skill.