Best Electric Lock Pick Guns - Ultimate Guide

Electric Lock Pick Guns (EPG)

So you’re doing some research on how automatic electric lock picking guns really work and you want to figure out which the best brands and makes are.

You've come to the right please. We break down the best, top 10 pick guns available. Not just ones we recommend, but ones that locksmiths use the most.

We’ll even link you to a free How to Pick Locks eBook too with every purchase you make from the list to help you learn how to pick locks!

Whether you're looking for a beginner, entry-level pick gun, or a professional one for serious work - you're on the verge of learning an exciting skill that just keeps giving - this is from someone who has picked thousands of locks, both manually and with these amazingly effective tools.


- Chris Dangerfield

You’ll save a fortune by discovering the best Lock Pick Guns that won’t break on you inside the lock mid-pick, won’t cut your hands up, and will be practice friendly! Our criteria for this list is that they should be professionally made, reviewed well by hobbyists or locksmiths who use these regularly, and that they’ll be delivered to you within a few days after you've ordered. Then, the easiest part - choosing your preference from the best, is up to you!


    1. Multipick Kronos Electric Pick Gun

    2. Wendt Elektro Pick III

    3. Southord Mini Pick Gun

    4. Lokko KLOM Lock Pick Gun

    5. Multipick Kronos Complete Locksmith Pick Gun Kit

    6. Dino Lock Pick Gun

    7. Southord Extended Lock Pick Gun

    8. Wendt Elektro Pick Complete Kit III


If you can’t wait to read everything individually, just click on the summaries above to skip to the appropriate sections of our Ultimate Pick Gun Guide.



1. Best Lock Pick Guns - Multipick Kronos Electric Lock Pick Gun

This is the Locksmith's Preferred Electric Lock Pick Gun, and this version in particular is the best-selling tool and most talked about EPG ever!

I've used all of the available EPGs on the market and the Multipick KRONOS is by far the most effective. This beautiful lock picking machine is a pleasure to own and use. It eats locks for dinner. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany for exquisite professional performance. And absolute dream to use, a pure lock-opening machine.


The Pros:

  • The Kronos pick gun is perfect for professional use and offers:

Impressive battery power and performance

An improved motor for easy cylinder lock opening

Ergonomic design that is compact, lightweight, and easy to grip

Outstanding German build quality and durability

Adjustable needle height for the perfect amplitude on any lock and key-way

Extremely quiet operation

Long-lasting, rechargeable Li-ion battery with about 2.5 hours of continuous use

Easy charging on the go with the included USB cable



What's Inside your box:

  • 1x Electric pick gun Kronos (latest version)
  • 1x Li-ion battery 3.7 V / 2900 mAh
  • 1x Charging cradle including charger cable for USB ports
  • 5x Pick needles (thickness: 0.019 inches / 0.5 mm)
  • 1x Tension tools Side length: 0.46 in + 0.65in, width: 0.08in thick: 0.03in. total length: 3.35in (11.8 mm + 16.5 mm; Width: min. 2 mm - max. 3 mm; Thickness: 0.8 mm; Total length: 85 mm)
  • 1x Tension tool Side length: 0.58in, Width: 0.1in, Thick: 0.02in, Total Length:3.2in (Side length: 14.7 mm; Width: 2.5 mm; Thickness: 0.5 mm; Total length: 81.1 mm)
  • 1x Allen key for changing your pick needles
  • 1x How to use the Kronos Instruction manual




Technical Specifications for the Kronos Lock Pick Gun:

  • Li-ion battery: 3.7 V / 2900 mAh
  • Adjustable needle swing: 0.04in - 0.16in (1 to 4 mm)
  • Idle speed: 13,000 rev/min
  • Weight with battery: approx. 12.3oz (350g)
  • Dimensions: D=1.33in / 34 mm L=8.1in / 205 mm
  • Battery life: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Charge time: approx. 3 hours
  • Noise level: under 70 decibels
  • Warranty: 2 years

Our Expert Concise Review of the Kronos

This is pure lock opening power at your fingertips. The professional lock opener really can't afford to be without one. This is one of our most recommended items, it functions and looks amazing!

We’re here to make your experience with our products easy and efficient - our thousands of customer reviews are a testament to the longevity, quality and excellence of our team.

2. Best Lock Pick Guns - Wendt Elektro Pick III Professional Pick Gun


Genuine GERMAN MANUFACTURE - the premium EPG - Nothing else comes close.

There's many Electric Pick Guns on the market - but NOTHING comes close to the WENDT. It's not uncommon for some people to refer to any electric pick gun simply as a 'Wendt' - that's the effect this amazing tool had on users.

With advanced battery, design and speed, the Wendt Electric Pick Gun III makes opening cylinders even faster and easier.

The build quality is extraordinary. Just holding the Wendt feels like quality, it's solid and as tough as nails. The Wendt EPG is the most durable Electric Pick Gun on the market. It will NOT let you down.


Pros of the Wendt Pick Gun:

  • Improved performance. With a new improved motor, you have at your fingertips all the power you need to open most 4, 5 and 6-pin cylinders.
  • Ergonomic design. With knurling around the handle, the Wendt Electric Pick Gun III lies comfortably and skid-proof in your hand.
  • Outstanding German build quality. Manufactured in Germany, the Wendt Electro Pick Gun III is built to last and easily withstand the wear and tear of professional use.
  • Adjustable needle height. You can easily adjust the needle swing so that you have the perfect amplitude for any lock and key-way you may encounter.
  • A LED Battery status indicator protected by acrylic glass allows you to control your battery status all the time.
  • Overcharge battery protection.
  • You can charge the Electro Pick Gun III on the go. With the innovative micro USB port, you can connect the Wendt Electro Pick Gun III to a power bank or computer and charge it from your van.


Contents of your box:

  • 1x Wendt Electro Pick Gun III.
  • 2x Straight pick blade 0.5mm.
  • 2x Bend (45°) pick blade 0.5mm.
  • 1x Tension wrench 13.35mm.
  • 1x Tension wrench 5.7mm.
  • 1x Tension wrench 1.9mm.
  • 1x Tension wrench 3.8mm.
  • 1x Allen key.
  • 1x UK charger.
  • 1x Carry case.


3. Best Lock Pick Guns - Southord Compact Pick Gun

SouthOrd have been refining their Electric Pick Gun for over 25 years, meaning the EC500C is the pinnacle of expertise in electronic non-destructive entry.

Sleek, elegant, smooth, compact, and devastatingly effective. The SouthOrd pick gun combines classic kinetic know-how with high-end technical ability.

The Southord pick gun puts advanced lock picking knowledge and expertise in the palm of your hand. Imagine having decades of lock picking understanding and professional level skill at the press of a button; that's what you're getting.

It's not unusual to pick locks in seconds with this magical unit. Bridging the gap between man and lock, this investment in ability means your lock opening skills rise instantly to the top.

This compact design runs on 2 rechargeable batteries and runs at an astonishing 3V. The long-life motor uses state of the art power conversion technology to provide optimum performance. The perfect combination of action and design.


Contents of your box:

  • 4 Advanced hardened lock picking needles
  • 4 tension tools that compliment the picking action
  • A hex wrench to tighten replacement needles
  • A fine leather case to protect your investment

  *Batteries not included


4. Best Lock Pick Guns - Lokko Klom Lock Pick Gun

The Klom Electric Lock Pick Gun works miracles. This affordable electric lock pick gun opens locks with ease, and it's quick too. Plug the pick gun in, attach one of the needle picks, insert it in the lock, press the trigger, it whirrs and jiggles the mechanism and you're done. Consider your lock picked. Simple.

We offer a full selection of needle picks with the pick gun, sufficient for most jobs you will encounter, but generally we would advise you to get a set of replacement needles too - just in case.

The moment your pick gun arrives, you will be able to open the majority of cylinder locks on the planet.


Contents of your box:

  • Picking chuck
  • Drill chuck
  • Selection of Picking Needles
  • Tough case
  • Charger
  • Tension wrench
  • Allen Key

To help you along, we also provide two easy-to-understand guides that includes the Klom Electric Lock Pick Gun User Guide, and a blog post we've written to help you use it.

NOTE: Spare needles are available and spares are definitely recommended for beginners.

5. Best Lock Pick Guns - Kronos Complete Locksmith Set


The Complete Kronos Lock Pick Gun & all Locksmith Tools     The Truly Complete KRONOS Lock Pick Gun Boxed Set with everything you need to tackle locks and much more besides! The success of this precision German made Electric Pick Gun is recognised worldwide. People are talking about this tool like no other. It really is a pure lock opening machine. We are now proud to offer this extraordinary machine complete with the full, correct selection of auxiliary tools to ensure maximum value for money combined with maximum effectiveness for opening a greater range of locks. All supplied in a tough and durable click-shut case, the Kronos Complete offers unrivaled organisation and protection for the best tools required to open locks hassle free all day, every day  


Contents of your box:

  • Multipick Original 'Flip-it' Plug Spinner
  • TNT Circular Tension tool (the BEST for EPG picking)
  • Spare needles in 0.02in (0.5mm) and 0.025in (0.6mm) for tougher locks
  • Additional box for other tools and items
  • Charger for the kronos removable battery
  • Tough and Durable internal padded box


The perfect addition to anyone serious about non destructive entry. Ideal for Locksmiths, Wardens, Police, Emergency personnel, Auto specialists and many, many more! All of our tools come with a 30 day returns policy - if you're not happy, let us know. Read our hundreds of reviews from happy customers too.

Fast Delivery, Free Shipping & eBook - a how-to guide with every order, AND easy returns if you aren't satisfied with your product!

Case Contents

All the tools you will need for a professionally done job

All the Tools Needed

Educate yourself on how locks work, pop open professional locks faster for your job.

Pick Locks Faster

You'll see how locks can be picked faster and more efficiently

6. Best Lock Pick Guns - Dino Lock Pick Gun


A Tough, Durable, Amazingly Effective, Lock Opening Machine.

Of all the lock picking tools in this price range, the Dino opens the most locks in the least time and provides an ergonomic profile which most resembles drill guns. The Dino Li ion packs a real punch, providing easy opening of locks. This unit is one of the most durable, ergonomic EPGs on the market, making it a comfortable, effective machine you can rely on.


Contents of your box:


  • 8 different needle type pick tips

  • 2 tips for dimple type locks.

  • 2 tension wrenches,

  • 1 broken key extractor,

  • 1 high quality carrying case

  • 100V - 240V A/C power adapter


The adapter plug is setup for North American plugs, but with a simple adapter the same charger can be used in other areas of the world regardless of the voltage used in that country. The pick-gun comes with a 90 day warranty. Other features includes, an LED light, adjustable range of motion, logical pick protecting technologies, and several other innovative features.

WARNING: there are many fake versions of this EPG on the market.

This is the real Dino Li ion EPG - Guaranteed.

Five Star Video Review of our Kronos Pick Gun!

Universally praised by all reviewers.

Easy to learn to use - just like our other tools

Watch the Lock-Lab Video Review below

What Customers Love About our Service and Tools

Amazing Practice Locks to speed up learning

One last thing - We usually also recommend that if you are starting out, you also look at our collection of training locks to get you started.
This bundle is ideal if you want a great price when getting practice locks to improve your dexterity and skill.
Our Box of Quality Practice Locks consists of:
  • A clear, see-through practice padlock with visible mechanism + keys
  • A clear, see-through double-sided practice lock with visible mechanism + keys: get double the practice easily.
  • A unique crystal-clear practice lock with keys, again ideal for training with your picks. This lock is a joy to hold and we have customers buying it just for decorative purposes. It's just that well crafted.
Whether you're after a series of great practical puzzles or just something to keep your brain active - this practice lock bundle is perfect for expanding your picking collection... or just for displaying on your desk to impress your friends!

Our in-house lock picking expert Chris Dangerfield has this to add:


The summaries above of our time-tested and best lock pick gun options will help you narrow down your choices. These are the tools we use, the ones we supply to hobbyists, professionals, locksmiths, the military, police and other key servicemen, as well as world champion locksport pickers!

We design, manufacture and routinely use many of the picks we sell, and our customer reviews speak volumes about our years of trustworthiness and service, as well as our great prices and Free Shipping over $35 from our US warehouse.

That being said, we do recommend obviously the Wendt brand for tools (as shown above also), and Multipick, as well as Southord.

What better way to educate yourself about locks, save yourself money so you don't have to pay locksmiths all the time for solvable call-outs, learn home security and challenge your brain? Along the way, you'll improve your lock knowledge and pick gun use!


Here are the remaining 4 questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. How much do you want to spend?
  2. Do you want a beginner tool or do you want to spend on a professional EPG?
  3. Do you want to add practice locks to the purchase?
  4. Are you going to add a guide book to the lock pick gun?


That's it - now you have all you need to make the right choice! Please Share our guide if you think someone might enjoy a read!


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To read more about each set, just click on the numbered titles to see them on our website and see what our other customers think of them. We provide fast and free delivery, great after-sales service and a 100% money back return guarantee if you aren't happy with the quality of our lock picks!

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