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Lock Pick Guns

Get high-quality lock-pick guns at unbeatable prices here at LockPickWorld! Whether you’re a professional locksmith or are planning to add another skill set to your arsenal, you’ll find the necessary tools to unlock and turn knobs in a snap.

Lock-pick guns were originally designed for law enforcement and emergency services as they are generally a quick way to attack a lock mechanism. Today, an electric lock-pick gun is used by professional services that require fast, convenient entry as a complement to manual lockpicking.

Our extensive range of automatic electric pick guns (EPGs), snap guns, and manual pick guns from Multipick (Germany), Brockhage, Klom, and Dino are available in our store and are perfect for every lockout.

Our products come well-reviewed, and we have been trading for many years, so as specialists in our field, we have access to an excellent selection of tools—just see what our customers have to say about our products!

Lockpicking tools are often associated with crime, but truth be told, lockpicking is an art that hobbyists and pros enjoy doing. These tools can be hard to conceal, making it difficult for criminals to slip through law enforcement with a lock-pick gun in tow.

Practice the challenging and beautiful art of lockpicking by shopping our wide range of products. Add your favorites to your cart today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Lock-Pick Guns Work?

A lock-pick gun, also known as a snap gun or electric lock pick, is a convenient tool to quickly open a pin tumbler lock. Unlike traditional lock picks that need a trial and error technique, a correctly applied snap gun uses the law of physics, rapidly striking all the bottom lock pins simultaneously and withdrawing in a snap.

With snap guns, kinetic energy in the bottom pins transfers to the upper pins and stops completely. This turns the plug, allowing the locksmith to open the knob.

What Is the Best Lock-Pick Gun?

Among the various lock-picking tools, lock-pick guns from LockPickWorld are the easiest to use and can perform the job quickly and efficiently. We carry a stunning range of snap gun products depending on your needs and preferences. From manual pick guns to electric lock picks, you’re sure to find tools to add to your locksmith’s arsenal.

Are Lock-Pick Guns Legal?

In the US, most states consider it legal to own lock picks and related tools. Possessors must show the intent of theft, robbery, or any other crime for it to be illegal. A few states like Mississippi, Nevada, Virginia, and Ohio consider it illegal, as the owner may have to counter prima facie evidence of intent.

Do Lock-Pick Guns Damage Locks?

Ideal lockpicking shouldn’t damage the locking pins of the lock mechanism, which’ll allow them to still be rekeyed later on. This is an important skill to hone, as some locks may be antique, making them hard to replace. When used correctly, a snap gun can quickly pry open a lock, but the strong impact may cause damage to its mechanism more than using the traditional method.