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Broken Key Extractor Tools

In the world of professional locksmithing or even hobbyist lockpicking, trying to get a broken key out of a lock can be one of the most notoriously frustrating tasks you’ll ever have to face. We've all broken or jammed a key in a lock at some time or another, only to realize that it’s a lot easier to break off a key than it is to get it out of the keyway!

No matter what type of obstruction you’ve got inside your lock, whether it’s a broken key, tool, or some other foreign object, there's not much chance of opening the lock. That is, unless, you’ve got a broken key extractor or a key extractor set ready to go.

Broken key extractors are a dream come true for any locksmith or lockpicking hobbyist that has had the unfortunate luck of having a keyway stuffed with a broken key or something else that just won’t come out.

How Do Broken Key Extractors Work?

Believe it or not, the biggest problem you’ve got when it comes to a broken key in your lock isn’t the keys themselves; the real issue is that broken keys in locks are held in place because of the springs inside the lock itself. These springs push the pins down into place, holding the broken key and preventing you from pulling it out under normal circumstances.

This means you’ll need a specialized extractor tool to push these pins back up so you can drag the broken keys or another type of obstruction out into the light. In this case, a broken key extractor is the ideal solution.

When Does a Broken Key Extractor Come in Handy?

Whether you’re working in the field or at your desk, a broken key extractor set selection is ideal for dealing with any broken key or tool.

If you're just a beginner wanting to unblock your lock after snapping a pin within, a broken key extractor will get the job done. For professional locksmiths attending to urgent calls, a key extractor set could save the day.

With the average household having around 50 locks in use at any given time, having a decent key extractor set in case some extraction is required makes sense, especially when the only alternative is to replace or break the lock because you’ve got broken keys stuck in the keyway.

Shop for Broken Key Extractors at LockPickWorld Today

Broken locks need specific tools. Save yourself the frustration of not having a broken key extractor on hand when you need one. A broken key extractor is the right tool to clear a blocked lock quickly and safely!

Each broken key extractor tool in our broken key extractor set does exactly what it says on the tin — extract broken keys or anything else that’s lodged in your keyway, with minimum effort and frustration. Our extractor set is tailored for every type of broken lock: whether it’s a wafer, pin, or a lever, our broken key extractors will get the job done.

For locks of all sizes, from desk drawers and cabinets to front door locks and beyond, we have the perfect key extractor set. Rest assured, LockPickWorld’s broken key extractors will ensure you have the best possible chance of removing any obstruction without damaging your locks.