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Master Keys Set

In the world of locksmithing, one tool stands out for its inherent versatility and usability—the master key. This specialized key set is designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, offering a range of benefits for users of all levels.

Occasionally, someone will want the locks they use in their facility to have “mastered” locks. This means that although all the individual locks have individual keys, there’s also a “master” key that will open all locks. A good example would be in a gymnasium locker room. If someone lost their key, the staff could still give them access to their locker, so they're not leaving the swimming pool in the nude!

How a Master Key Works

The locks have 3 pins rather than the usual 2 to make this work. The actual key aligns the first split in this set; the master key aligns the second split. However, the inclusion of the third pin and the second split reduces the number of possible combinations and, therefore, the key's complexity. This means they are easier to pick or decode. Additionally, the pinning patterns used in these “mastered” locks tend to be predictable and common, compromising their security.

Over the years, lots of these predictable and common pinnings have been recorded, and those patterns are what our master keys are based on, making them very effective try-out keys when working in the field.

The other master keys, such as our fire brigade keys, work because the fire service has maintained the same pinnings, so different forces up and down the country can ensure access to the fire service locks.

Master Key Frequently Asked Questions

Get the right keys for master locksmiths to use. Here’s essential information on how a master key system can help you open that pesky lock!

Is there a master key for all locks?

For certain systems of locks, yes. A master key is specifically designed to unlock a given locking system. One safe-keeping key can help open a lock if its paired key is lost or damaged.

Do master keys exist?

As a control mechanism, a master keyed lock is part of a key plan that allows a certain key to open a specific set of locks. This allows convenience and security for all types of situations when one needs a quick and safe way to open a lock.

What is a master key system?

Master keying is a security precaution in case a certain lock-in pre-defined system needs to be opened. Essentially a key plan, the control offered by this system gives both safety and convenience for owners. This key plan system also gives several individuals the right information to know which keys are paired with a series of locks.

Benefits of Using the Master Key Set

Let’s delve into the key benefits of using a master key set.


The last thing you'd want to experience is getting locked in or out. Knowing that you can unlock a locked series will give you (and other individuals, such as employees) the peace of mind you deserve.


Dealing with damaged or lost keys can be managed with a single key that can unlock a predefined lock series. Owners can quickly gain access to a lock using a master.

One Key for All

Whether you're a professional locksmith or a lock-picking enthusiast, the master key set provides a one-key solution for multiple locks. Order your master key set from Lock Pick World today and never get locked in or out!