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Lockout Kit for Cars


Getting locked out of your car is one of the most stressful things that can happen to you. What if you’re in a hurry? What if there’s an emergency? What if you have an appointment you just can’t miss?

The clock is ticking, and you’ll be late for work in a few minutes. How about spare keys? Well, that’s a good idea. But guess what? You don’t remember where you keep them. That’s unfortunate now that you need them the most.

Fret no more. We have the right product for you. At LockPickWorld, we have items in our online shop that can help you in the future. Thus, we present to you our lockout kits.

What Is a Lockout Kit?

A lockout kit is a set of tools that can unlock locks, whether they’re on cars, doors, or padlocks. Professional locksmiths need lockout kits because it’s part of their job. However, if you drive a car, you might need a car lockout kit in the future.

Don’t be intimidated by the term “lockout kit.” There are several ways to pick a car lock, and you’ll know one by one the different ways to get to work on time if your keys ever go missing.

Automobile Lock Picks

The most basic tool in a lockout kit is called a car lock pick. A car lock pick is the most important of all entry tools for a car lockout. Many locks in cars, for example, have different grooves. So, the pick must match the mechanisms inside in order to unlock it.

Here at LockPickWorld, we have several car lockout kits and tools that’ll help you in any locked-out situation.

Bypass Tools

Vehicle picks can be tricky and challenging to use, especially if you have zero experience and knowledge about locks on automobiles.

So, if you get locked out of a car, does that mean that you’ll get locked out forever? Well, LockPickWorld has another product for you, the bypass tool.

Bypass tools are non-lock pick products, and they work differently than a lock pick. They come as an inflatable pump wedge, lever wedge, or window opener. Bypass kits don’t penetrate the locks like picks. Instead, these tools gain entry to the car through other points like the window.

Lock Jigglers

Sometimes, even the right keys won’t release the lock. In your desperate attempt to unlock the vehicle door, you give the lock a jiggle and a wiggle. Lock jigglers are another one of the items we have here at Lockpick World.

Tension Tools

Tension tools should always be present in lockout kits. Professional pickers and locksmiths use tension tools to hold locks while picking them.

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