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Car Entry - Bypass Tools

Non-destructive entry into cars is a whole different ballgame. Unlike the entry tools a locksmith needs to gain access to a residential or commercial building, automotive entry tools are all about bypassing the lock completely and opening the door from the inside instead of relying on picking the lock directly. 

Auto Entry Tools: Faster, Easier, and More Effective

Auto entry bypass tools offer an alternative to picking car locks as they tend to avoid entering the vehicle via the lock. If you are struggling with picking a car lock, perhaps a bypass technique is for you. I am always asked how to get keys out of a locked car? Usually from people with little or no lock picking experience.

Well, bypass tools are great because they will work on a wide variety of cars, regardless of the lock type. The most popular bypass method is an air-wedge tool and some type of rod, two tools I assure you a car locksmith would not be without. In fact, locksmiths that specialize in lockout services wouldn’t be caught dead without one of these bypass tool kits!

Common Auto Access Tools

We’ve got some of the best automotive access tools anywhere, guaranteed to help you with any lockout issues you may have. Whether it’s your car or it’s someone else’s, kits with these lockout tools will have you opening car doors in seconds instead of minutes.

The process for using an automotive lockout kit is twofold: first, you need to create a small opening between the car door and the frame. This is usually accomplished with a special air wedge, which you insert in the opening while flat and then inflate slowly to create a gap. This auto tool is safe to use and doesn’t damage the door or the frame.

These tools are also incredibly strong, as you can even use them to help you lift heavy furniture whenever you’re not working on auto lockouts! If you don’t have an air jack, you can also use a lever wedge, which is usually made from durable PVC plastic, to do the same thing, but this tool often takes a bit more elbow grease!

Once you’ve got that gap in place, it’s time for another tool, one that all our kits come with: a car door/window opener. While at first glance you might take look at this tool and see nothing but a glorified wire coat hanger, these tools are much more than just something to keep your closet neat and organized; a car door or window opener has the proper length, and is bent at the proper angles, to make it easy to snake in through the gap in the car door you made with one of your other tools.

From there you can maneuver the tool to trigger the automatic door lock if the car is off, activate the window control if the car is on, or even pick up your keys and remove them from the vehicle if you locked them inside. From there, voila - you’ve successfully gained access to the car, and all without a lock pick. Talk about the tools of the trade!