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Locksmith Tools & Kits

Locksmithing Tools & Kits

Following “How to pick a lock,” the most frequently asked question is “How does one become a locksmith?” Well, it’s a long journey that starts with picking locks and ends with picking locks—with many other things in between. But to master the craft, you’ll need a great set of locksmith tools or a full locksmith tool kit.

Browse our selection of locksmith tools that will undoubtedly add to your ability to understand your locks and keys fully.

Can Locksmiths Get into Safes?

A locksmith can only open a safe if it’s just a lockbox. Safes and vaults have locks with varying levels of complexity, which regular locksmiths may not be able to open. Opening a traditional safe or vault is a safe and vault technician job. They have the right tools and supplies to open complex locks.

Locksmith companies often have trained safe and vault technicians on board. The company that made the safe or vault often has a list of reputable locksmiths and technicians certified to work on their brand of safes. Contact the company of your safe if you need an authorized locksmith.

What Tools Does a Locksmith Use?

People know who to call when they need someone to pick locks, but only a few know what tools locksmiths use. To open a lock easily, locksmiths should use supplies and tools that are both efficient and effective.

You can do locksmithing on your own. All you need is the right tools to practice the craft. If you want to try locksmithing on your own, LockPickWorld will provide you with the quality products and supplies you need.

Whether you’re dealing with issues like finding yourself locked out, wrestling with broken keys stuck in a lock, or struggling with a jammed lock, the appropriate locksmith tools can provide an efficient, straightforward resolution.

Locksmith tools are there to assist with a myriad of problems, from worn-out mechanisms and re-keying to forgotten safe lock combinations. Here are the essentials tools every locksmith should have in their toolbox:

Master Key Sets

One of the most important tools for a locksmith is the master key set. Individual doors and cabinets with locks come with their key, but a “master” key can unlock all of them.

Bypass Tools

Locking the keys inside a vehicle is a familiar situation. Picking a car lock isn’t the only way to get the keys out of a locked car. A bypass tool can help locksmith beginners to unlock a wide variety of cars regardless of the type of lock. The most popular bypass products are the air wedge and two rods.

Lock Picking Vices and Mats

A lock-picking vice is an overlooked but important tool that locksmiths should add to their kits. It picks the pins of a cylinder lock without damaging or losing grip.

Ensuring your tools are safe is just as important as the tool itself. Some accessories and supplies are small and easy to lose. Getting a lock pinning mat and your tools are the best way to keep them safe. You can put your tools and supplies in one place without worrying they might roll out of sight.

Locksmith tools and accessories are diverse, each having its purpose to make the job easier. If you want to add new items to your locksmith kit or start practicing the craft, LockPickWorld has your back!

Shop for Durable and Efficient Locksmith Tools & Accessories

LockPickWorld offers a range of essential locksmith tools and accessories that get the job done easily and quickly. We guarantee our lock pick sets and accessories are only made of high-quality materials, so you don’t have to keep coming back to purchase a new one.

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