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Bump Key Hammers

I'm frequently asked 'What is a bump key?' Then, just a little while later, the same person will ask 'What is a bump hammer?'

Glad you’ve asked! A bump hammer is a tool that works for hand in hand with a bump key: it allows you to strike the bump key to make it work. You don’t need a bump hammer to get a bump key to work, to be sure; people have tried many other things. You can use a mobile phone (if you like broken phones), your fingers (if you like hurting fingers), or even a normal hammer (if you like snapped keys), and even more outlandish things. 

Honestly, though, there is nothing quite like an actual made-for-purpose bump hammer. When you’ve got a lock that’s simple enough that you don’t need to pick, bumping the lock is a great way to pick it quickly, unobtrusively, and, most of all, non-destructively.

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

The bump key and hammer industry has come a long way, let me tell you! When UK Bump Keys first started there was no such thing as a proper 'bump hammer'. In fact, the first ones I sold were made out of a steel meter ruler, chopped down, spray-painted, and with rubber, door-stop screwed onto the end!

It wasn't ideal but was certainly better than the options, which everyone else was using. And not only that but with the right key, it opened that bumpable lock sure enough.

These days - a good 10 years later - you're absolutely spoiled. Not only are there multiple categories of bump keys and bump hammers available today for all the different locks that are susceptible to the technique, lock picking legends Brockhage have provided us with two amazing bump hammers. 

One features a standard level while the other has advanced flexibility to help you defeat that more stubborn lock. Once you start bumping locks you'll soon realize how much easier it is with the right tools, not to mention how good it feels to finally defeat that lock with a single strike!

No Lock is Unpickable

No lock is completely unpickable - all you need is the right set of equipment! So many people ask me 'How do I bump locks?' and I always answer 'With the right tools'. These wonderfully effective bump hammers produce precisely the kind of whip and contact required to get the technique working.

They are tough and durable too, and will last you a million bumped locks! Order a bumping key and hammer set from us today and you’ll be impressed by our impeccable customer service.