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Tubular Lock Key Impressioning Tool

Are you a locksmith or lock enthusiast looking for a tool to fashion working keys for tubular locks? Or maybe you're someone who continually gets locked out of your home? Whatever the case may be, LockPickWorld can provide you with top-quality tubular lock key impressioning tools to pick a tubular lock.

What Is Impressioning Lock Picking?

Lock "impressioning" is a non-destructive technique of devising or fashioning a key for a lock. It's called "non-destructive" because you can create a key from a lock without breaking apart or destroying the lock's body or any of its components.

Of all the ways to pick a lock, "impressioning" is one of the most exquisite techniques and most useful skills in locksmithing. With impressioning, you can open the lock without the correct key. Additionally, you also end up with a working key, which means you will never have to pick it again. Amazing, isn't it?

Impressioning has two techniques, including copying and manipulation. In copying, you create negative-image moldings of a source key. On the other hand, in manipulation, you use different techniques to set the proper heights of internal components. Impressioning via manipulation is closely related to decoding.

Who Needs Impressioning Tools?

A lot of people use impressioning, as it is much more direct compared to other alternatives like lock bumping or lock picking. Impressioning is a common method among locksmiths when creating a key from an existing lock.

If you always find yourself getting locked out of your home, you may want to buy an impressioning tool and learn the technique of impressioning. The skill comes in handy for different situations. Besides opening a locked door, you can also do impressioning if you want to open bike locks and cabinet locks secured by a padlock.

Experts, including world champion lock pickers Oli Diederichsen (who wrote the book we stock) and Jos Weyers (who demonstrated impressioning without tools at a UK BUMP KEYS workshop a few years ago) can do impressioning in locks in under a minute. With a blank key and a few tools, they can open the lock and have a working key in 60 seconds.

Aside from locksmiths and lock enthusiasts, the impressioning technique is also applied during forensic investigations. This is to help in serial number recovery and tool mark identification.

Note that learning the skill of impressioning always comes with responsibility. This is because many high-profile crimes have been carried out using impressioning techniques.

What Is a Tubular Lock Impressioning Tool?

Lock pick tubular tools are sets of impressioning tools specifically made for tubular locks. Note that tubular locks are considered a higher-security product than other similar locks like wafer locks and pin tumblers. If you need to do some impressioning to your tubular locks, you must have a specific tool for that, which you can find here at LockPickWorld.

How Does a Tubular Lock Pick Tool Work?

Using tubular lock picks, you simply insert a blank key into the lock and manipulate it so the lock leaves tiny impressions on the blank. These impressions are then filed down, and the process is repeated. After several cycles of taking and filing impressions, the key suddenly turns in the lock. Once it opens, you know you've succeeded, and you also have a working key!

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