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Bump Key Sets

We revolutionized bump keys. We removed the shoulder, we invented using dampeners and springs, and we were even the first people to provide different patterns on our bump keys so as to work better with different pin types.

Lock bumping has become a worldwide phenomenon, and with the right bump key set and tools, a beginning bumper can start to bump open locks that previously would have been difficult or even impossible to crack. Check out some of our videos to see how lock bumping can be applied to many types of locks, allowing you to open them in seconds.

Buying a complete bump key set will be better value for your money and ensure you have everything you need to start bumping locks!

What Is a Bump Key Set?

A bump key set is essentially the key to learning and mastering the technique of lock bumping. The keys are cut to precision and tested to increase the success rate of opening locks, especially the most popular pin tumbler locks. We have also developed other tools for bumping to work.  

Owning a set of such keys makes getting into the hobby convenient and straightforward:

  • This three-piece key set features three different bumping patterns and universal key profiles to unlock the most well-known lock mechanisms in the world. 
  • This three-piece key set (reverse) is another ultimate set that has “reverse universal” profiles. 
  • This six-piece key set is like a combination of the first two sets above, with three (3) universal profile keys and three (3) keys with universal reversed profiles.

How Effective Are Bump Key Sets?

Lock picking, in general, takes time and effort to master, and you may need some time before you get comfortable using a wide array of lock picks, hooks, and rakes, which you can all also buy in a set. Lock bumping is no different because you need the right tools, primarily the ultimate bump key sets, to get started with opening locks. 

As mentioned, our bump key sets are made by professionals for practitioners across skill levels to help them achieve success in the sport or activity. Our products also come with a free lockpicking book for beginners. 

Where Can I Get a Bump Key? 

Browse through our collection of bump keys in sets and as individually sold. In addition to having the necessary keys, you will find several other tools useful in practicing lock bumping and improving your skills:

  • A bump key dampener provides the spring and tension needed to bump locks. Notably, the bump key and the dampener go together. 
  • A bump key hammer is used to strike the bump key for the technique to work. Check out your options.
  • Applicable accessories are also available. 

Whether it is a sport or survival skill, picking locks using bump keys is more accessible and enjoyable with implements one can shop for online. Look into our other products, like lock pick sets, which are also available in our store. 

For questions and more, feel free to email us or reach out to our social media accounts.