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Lock Pick Sets



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Picking locks requires the right lock-picking tools. An exciting hobby, lock picking offers satisfaction to both hobbyists and professional locksmiths. The difference between a fulfilling lock-picking experience and a frustrating one often boils down to using the right lock pick set. 

LockPickWorld specializes in providing superior lock pick sets, ensuring you can tackle any lock type, including cylinder, tubular, padlocks, and even car door locks.


Get Quality Lock Picking Tools from LockPickWorld

With an array of lock pick sets to choose from, our collection boasts renowned names like the British “Dangerfield” aerospace stainless steel lock picks, German Multipick sets, American SouthOrd sets, Lokko boxed lock pick brain training sets, GOSO lock picks, the Peterson lock pick range, Sparrows pick sets, KLOM lock picks, and much more.

With the right lock picks, both beginners and experts can proficiently pick locks, expanding their skills by going through all lock types. Whether you’re looking for a beginner lock pick set or professional lock pick sets, our range is designed to cater to all needs. Get firsthand insights into how these tools fare in real-world lock-picking scenarios with reviews of our lock pick tools!

For over 10 years, LockPickWorld has been the trusted name in lock picking. From practice locks to comprehensive sets, we’ve ensured quality and affordability go hand-in-hand. And to sweeten the deal, enjoy free US shipping for orders above $35!


Learn How to Pick Locks with LockPickWorld’s Guide!

Exploring lock pick sets for the first time or aiming to refine your abilities? Dive into the fascinating world of lock picking with our lock-picking guides and blogs. Designed for both novices and seasoned lock pickers, we offer various guides, coupled with instructional videos, that showcase our lock-picking tools in action. So whether you’re looking to understand the basics of pin tumbler locks or seeking advanced lock-picking techniques, we’ve got you covered.


Where Are Lock Picks Illegal?

Knowing where lock picks are illegal is vital for every would-be and pro lock pickers. While the intent often determines the legality, always ensure you’re informed about regional regulations. For instance, while many US states allow lock pick set possession, some states like Mississippi and Nevada have specific conditions attached. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional locksmith, being informed is key.

Trust LockPickWorld for your lock pick set needs, from practice locks to advanced lock-picking sets, ensuring every lock picker, whether as a hobbyist or professional locksmith, finds their perfect match.


What Is a Good Lock Pick Set?

For those new to lock picking, choosing the right lock-picking set can be daunting. Our ultimate guide showcases the best beginner sets available, like the Dangerfield Serenity and Lokko Beginners Lock Pick Set. Southord and Peterson also offer excellent beginner lock-picking sets. And as a bonus, receive our free unique e-book on lock picking with every set order.