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Key Impressioning Kits & Tools

You want to know how to pick a lock? How to pick a car lock? How to pick a cabinet lock, a door lock, a padlock, whatever lock!

Imagine a technique where not only to you pick the lock but you create a working key as well. You have just imagined IMPRESSIONING. This amazing technique works by creating tiny, little marks on a blank key called 'impressions'.

These marks are then filed, and more impressions taken. You repeat this process again and again until, BOOM! The lock opens with the key you're using. This really must be learned, it will lift you up among the top lock pickers of the world. And there;s more - guess what?

Experts such as world champion lock pickers Oli Diederichsen (who wrote the book we stock) and Jos Weyers (who demonstrated impressioning with our tools at a workshop a few years ago) can impression locks in under a minute. SO with a blank key and a few tools, they have the lock opened and a working key in 60 seconds. Wow!