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Multipick - the cream of the crop when it comes to lock picking kit.

These German-designed and manufactured electronic lock picking tools are simply beautiful. At one end of the spectrum, they're a tool; at the other end, —the Multipick end—they're a work of art, a thing of beauty.

No corners are cut, the attention to detail is second to none, and everything from styling, aesthetics, kinetic performance and effectiveness bears the marks of the professional level of pure lock picking expertise only Multipick lock picks can provide.

There is an individual part numbered picks for easy replacement. We provide substantial warranties as a sign of absolute faith in their product. 

Multipick lock picking tools have slick finishing, similar to the kind usually reserved for top-end sports cars. All this and more are woven into the Multipick tapestry to create an entire range of ultra-premium lock picks.

Multipick ELITE

This lock pick set from Multipick provides different tension wrenches as an addition to professional lock tools. 

Each of the seven wrenches serves a special purpose for different lock picks. Multipick ELITE is a must-have for your lock pick set. Pick with confidence and have the right, high-quality tools with you.

Aside from the Top of Keyway (TOK) seven-piece wrench set, Multipick also has the ELITE Super, which contains top-quality picks and tools. It has 27 lock picks and ten rakes.

This new set of lock pick tools is a must-have for every locksmith and hobbyist. Add to these tools the TOK set, and your lock picking experience will be unstoppable.

Multipick KRONOS Electric Lock Pick

If something is worth adding to a pro lock pick set, it is the KRONOS electric lock pick. This new lock picking tool is lightweight, compact, and extremely quiet. 

The KRONOS lock pick has set a high standard for electric lock picks and tools today. The KRONOS is the lock pick tool that every professional must have.

Buy your lock pick set now and choose among the best here at Lockpick World. Our products are available, and you may reach our customer service hotline for more information.