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HPC Lock Picks

If there’s one brand that knows all about locks, it’s HPC. A brand name of the Hudson Lock Company, which has been designing and manufacturing highly engineered, custom, and specialty medium-security locks and locking systems to meet customers’ specifications since 1963, HPC offers the types of high-quality tools needed by locksmiths for picking any HPC lock out there.

Situated appropriately enough in Hudson, Massachusetts, HPC is the ultimate expression of American ingenuity and attention to detail; HPC picks and tools are every ounce as good as those made in any other place in the US, in the UK, or anywhere else.

Who Needs Keys? You’ve got an HPC Lock Pick Set!

Picking with an HPC lock pick set is a dream come true. From tension tools, rake picks, and single pin pick sets to tubular lock picks, extractors, and more, no lock pick set is complete without at least a few quality tools from HPC. It goes further than that, though; there’s a tool for all seasons, as HPC produces more than just our run-of-the-mill lock picks.

Yes, you’ll be able to get great lock pick sets but there are other tools that HPC makes as well, including car door and window opener tools for automotive lock picking. HPC even makes pick accessories that can be combined with their tools, such as plastic sleeves designed to be fitted to a flat lock pick set to make each tool easier to handle and to provide better feedback while picking. 

Your Number One Source for HPC Lock Pick Set Equipment

When you’re looking for HPC lock picks, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the full set of high-quality HPC-designed lock picks you need to provide a non-destructive entry for customers with or without HPC or Hudson Lock-built locks through the course of your business as a locksmith.

At the same time, if you’re a lock picking enthusiast, there’s no better way to enjoy opening locks without keys than doing so with a set of HPC lock picks, all of which are available here for order.

You can get an HPC pick elsewhere, but why bother when this means you won’t get the same attention to detail and customer service? Here at Lockpick World, we’re your HPC pick set headquarters. Order an HPC lockpicking tool from us today!