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Lock Pick Cases

Whether you’re a professional locksmith who provides non-destructive entry services for a living or you’re just a lock pick enthusiast who enjoys the challenge of opening locks without a key, you’re likely to build up quite a large collection of picks and other related tools.

At first, the case that came with your tool set might be enough to keep all these tools together, but that’s not going to last forever; soon you’ll find your pick case overflowing with tools, leaving your tool set in an unorganized mess. You need a way to keep your tools separated into different categories so that you can know which lock pick you need when you need it - and for that, you need to choose the lock pick cases that are perfect for you.

Quality Pick Cases for Your Quality Picks

It seems silly to invest in a set of high-quality lock pics and then house them in a case that doesn’t do them justice. Your set deserves to be kept clean, dry, and well-cared for in an easy-to-carry lock pick case that allows you quick access to picks and keeps your picks separate in appropriate categories to make it easy to pick a lock.

Not only that but would it hurt to maybe have a case that provides a bit of class when you’re working on a lock? Maybe a nice leather case? Leather is always a good choice! Plus, you want to get a nice reaction when you pull out your case, quick as a bolt of lightning, retrieving your lock picks, and getting to work on a recalcitrant lock for someone.

Remember, quick access is great, but there’s a place for style, too - and leather-lined lock pick cases often fit the bill precisely!

Function as Well as Form

As far as lock pick cases go, aesthetics are great but not the only important thing (notwithstanding the luxurious look of leather). Quick access is important too, but it’s not the be-all, end-all of picking a lock. You need to ensure the case you use to keep your lock picks safe and sound, and while leather is usually rugged enough for this, in many cases leather pales in comparison to how sturdy a nice hardshell lock pick case.

In fact, if you have worries about leather keeping your picks safe, a hardshell case is just what the doctor ordered! Such a case is usually much larger than a leather case, and they also often aren’t as quick to open.

However, this type of case is often much larger, offering more places to fit more than one lock pick set or different categories of lock picks; you can have a section for your tubular lock pit set on one side, your rakes on another, your single-pin pick set on another, and your tension wrenches or extractors in yet another. Let’s see a leather lock pick case do that!

A Case for All Seasons

No matter what type of lock you need to pick or what type of case you need, we’re your number one stop for the pick case of your dreams. Need a small and sassy leather case that you can take anywhere? We’ve got the perfect, most gorgeous case you’ve ever seen.

Want a big, beefy, and indestructible hard case when you need to bring in the big guns? Oh boy, do we have a case for you. Looking for anything in between for a place to keep your pick collection safe and sound? We’ve got it. As far as we’re concerned, when it comes to the matter of finding the right case for our lockpicks, it’s case closed!