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Bypass Tools

It only takes one attempt to rob you of all your valuables. Test the security of your car and house through door lock bypass tools, and you don’t even have to destroy the lock. Some of the most cunning, nondestructive entry tools can be found here.

Lock bypass tools offer yet another variation to a lockpicking arsenal. The more lock pick tools a locksmith has for each lock type, the higher the chance that locks will be opened.

With our best categories of tools, lock pickers can walk through walls! LockPickWorld offers various brands, like the Dangerfield, Lokko, and Peterson tools.

Beginners ask me, “How do I pick a door lock?” I will often suggest a bypass tool first because of its simplicity and speed. In fact, in all the times I have been lock picking, I have opened more locked doors with my Mica bypass tool than I have with any other tool.

Some bypass tools may open the usual locks while some are suited for more complex types.

How Do Bypass Tools Work?

Bypass tools tend to avoid the pins, wafers, and other mechanisms in locks, like padlocks. With a bypass tool, you can focus on the latch or another easier target that will compromise the locking mechanism.

Car Solution

What would you do if you lost your car keys? A professional locksmith will charge around $80 to $200 to replace a car lock. Worse, it will cost thrice as much at the dealership. Some car owners recommend using a bypass tool to help in opening car doors without damaging the lock.

Cylinder Drill and Jig Bit

Also known as a pin tumbler lock, a cylinder lock has different length pins that follow the pattern of the key. Your best bet in opening these locked entrances is by using a cylinder drill and jig bit: a bypass tool.

Mica Sheets

A simple technique of bypassing padlocks and other other locks involves using the Mica. This valuable bypass tool is very easy to use: insert, locate, and force. As a must-have, the tool sheets have impressive flexibility and durability. To use, insert the Mica between the door and the door frame. After locating the latch, force the latch back into its housing.

How Can Different Keys Open the Same Lock?

Master keys are able to open the same lock with the wafers involved. When a master key is inserted, two shear lines are created.

Having these keys around is vital during an emergency. You don’t want to go running around trying to find a key in a panic. Also, having just one go-to tool allows business owners to reduce the number of keys distributed.

Thumbturn Bypass Set

Some doors are manufactured for the express purpose of providing security. However, they do need to be opened too  (in case of emergency). Even the most experienced and patient lockpickers may have a hard time opening storm doors and manufactured security doors.

The Thumbturn bypass set is the best in opening an inverted layout of cylinders commonly found in customized doors where security should be maximum.