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Lockpicks by Brockage

As an industry leader in locksmith tools, lock picks, and picking aids, Brockhage has established itself as one of the leading names in high-quality lock picking tools.

Having made the best ever - lifetime warranty - pick gun, and many other innovative and interesting tools, Brockhage is a name you can trust, with the quality you can rely on.

The Brockhage Difference

Brockhage might not be a household name, but it’s the first choice for locksmiths around the world thanks to the care and attention that they put into their lock pick tools.

You’ll find so much more than simple rakes and tension pins here - Brockhage goes the extra mile by providing more than one jiggler key set in different sizes, lever lock skeleton key sets, a tubular lock key set, a warded lock picks set, a plug-followers set, and a 2-piece bump hammer set. That covers everything you could possibly need to pick any type of lock that’s presented to you!

This is all in addition to their standard sets of pick tools and picking kits and their exquisitely designed and engineered manual and electric pick guns. If this wasn’t enough, Brockhage is also famous for offering their clear lock pick practice lock sets, which come in a number of varieties including standard pins, tubular pin locks, and a lock with spool pins for advanced practice.

You’ll be able to hone your skills and learn the intricacies of the most common lock designs, making it just that much easier to adapt to a new type of lock you might not have encountered yet in your experience as a picker.

The Tools You Can Use

The everyday tools that Brockhage offers will absolutely get you out of almost any jam. However, don’t forget the truly specialized picking tools Brockhage has, such as its adjustable car tension tool for picking car doors, a cylinder jig and drill bit for emergency situations such as when a key is broken off inside a lock, a feather touch tension tool that offers some of the best feedback making it easy to feel the changes in the lock, and even beginner-friendly instructional books that can teach you the ins and outs of your lockpicks and how to use them to pick a lock successfully. The best part is that not a single one of these tools will break the bank

Whether you’re a professional locksmith or a lockpicking hobbyist, Brockhage will never let you down.

Thanks to the highly affordable nature of its picks and how each pick set provides the best in quality and versatility, Brockhage picks are some of the most cost-effective tools on the market today. You’ll never be let down by a Brockhage pick set.

You also won’t get the chance to blame your inability to pick a lock on the quality of your tools anymore, either, so you better get to practicing while you can!