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Locksport Pro Influencer Program

Welcome to the LockSport Pro Influencer Program

Are you passionate about locksport and creating engaging content? Join our thriving community of talented video reviewers and help us spread the word about our innovative lock picking and locksport products. We're particularly interested in partnering with creators who can showcase our Lokko Beginners Lock Pick Set. You don't need to be an expert or a lock picker - you just need to want to learn! 

Train your brain with hand eye coordination + a bit of patience. That's it!


Discover the Lokko Beginners Lock Pick Set

Our Lokko Beginners Lock Pick Set is the perfect entry point for anyone looking to dive into the exciting world of lock picking. This comprehensive set includes high-quality tools, practice locks, and an easy-to-follow guide that helps newcomers master the basics in no time. As a valued influencer, your captivating video reviews will inspire and educate your audience, while helping them make an informed decision.

Influencer Information

Static Information:

  • Brand values: Quality, innovation, and community
  • Product description: High-quality lock picking and locksport tools and accessories, featuring the Lokko Beginners Lock Pick Set
  • Contact: Email us at with the Subject: Locksport Pro Influencer for any issues or questions
  • Content portfolio: [Link: Click here to view examples of desired content, including Lokko Beginners Lock Pick Set video reviews]
  • Promo code & FAQs: [Link: Click here to find your promo code and answers to frequently asked questions]



Unlock Your Potential with LockSport Pro

By joining our influencer program, you'll become an essential part of our mission to grow the locksport community and share our passion for high-quality lock picking products. We value your creativity and look forward to supporting your journey as a LockSport Pro ambassador. Let's unlock new possibilities together!