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Lokko Lock Pick Set - Beginners 1 Set
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Lokko Lock Pick Set - Beginners 1 Set
Lock Pick Beginners Box: Lock Picks, Spy Card, Training Locks and How-to Lockpick eBook (19th December)
Lokko Lock Pick Set - Unboxing (Wallet type will vary)
Lock Pick Beginners Box: Lock Picks, Spy Card, Training Locks and How-to Lockpick eBook (19th December)
Lock Pick Beginners Box: Lock Picks, Spy Card, Training Locks and How-to Lockpick eBook (19th December)
Lock Pick Beginners Box: Lock Picks, Spy Card, Training Locks and How-to Lockpick eBook (19th December)
Lock Pick Beginners Box: Lock Picks, Spy Card, Training Locks and How-to Lockpick eBook (19th December)
Lock Pick Beginners Box: Lock Picks, Spy Card, Training Locks and How-to Lockpick eBook (19th December)
Double Sided Practice Lock with Keys - Image on White background
Lokko Set with two training locks on wooden background
Lokko Lock Pick Set - Beginners 2 Sets
Lokko Lock Pick Set - Beginners 3 Sets

Lock Pick Beginners Box: Lock Picks, Spy Card, Training Locks and How-to Lockpick eBook (19th December)

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Please note: This kit will be back in stock on the 19th December, so may not reach you before the 25th December due ... more

Please note: This kit will be back in stock on the 19th December, so may not reach you before the 25th December due to seasonal shipping delays.


The ultimate Practical Brain Training lock pick box. The perfect practical experience and gift rolled into one.

You want to learn how to pick a lock, try out for locksmith school or you enjoy practical intellectual challenges? Great, you've come to the right place!

Lock Picking can be learned easily, and with our guides and videos - anyone can do it. Our customers have praised our quality selection of tools and eBook - we're sure you'll love them too.

This set is absolutely suitable for learners of all levels, and comes complete with:

  • A full 15 piece Lock Pick Set with lock picks, tension tools and extractor
  • A Secret Agent / Spy Concealed Credit Card Pick Set
  • A fully-working, easy practice padlock with a see-through mechanism with keys
  • A double-sided, see-through practice training lock with keys
  • Our 40-page eBook with colour photos for Single Pin Picking

We have thousands of happy customers who have enjoyed receiving this as a gift.

Our customers who buy this enjoy DIY, puzzles, practical problems, mechanics or want to improve hand-eye-coordination or mobility, or just want to see what lock picking or locksmithing is like! You'd be surprised at how many people don't know how a lock works - and there's likely one in every room you've ever been in!

An especially great practical gift for dads or guys of all ages. All this quality, brain teasing and learning for under $50 is incredible value! Once you've had a chance to test out the Lokko Lock Pick Set - you can let yourself loose on other practice locks on our website too!

If you want something else special to go with this, why not also add an upgraded challenge level Medium Difficulty Practice Padlock? Some of our customers have even added plastic handles  to their set to make it easier for continuous practice.

Add this to your cart and try it out, you'll join our hordes of happy customers and you won't be disappointed.

This comprehensive, weighty, professionally boxed package is a comprehensive set of great specialist learning tools. You'll receive it after we've packaged, wrapped and shipped - you're getting unbelievable value for your money.

Even better yet, if you’re in the US, this weighty, stylish, boxed set stuffed full of entertainment is shipped to you at no extra charge! Better order it quick before we change our minds!

Learn a new cool skill and keep your hands busy for a few hours - all my friends have also picked up my padlocks and tried to have a go themselves. Some even keep a set on their desk at work to relieve stress

 Interested in learning more? Just click here to read our longer description.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you hate it. Don’t worry. You’ll love it. Say yes to free shipping and a box of fun! 

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Adam G.
United States


★★★★★ Excellent: I would definitely buy from you again.

David J.
United States

No ebook

Was I supposed to get an email with the ebook in it? Didn’t get it. Now I just have tools I don’t know how to use.

Richard M.
United States

Excellent Service

Very responsive Customer Service. Shipment arrived quickly. Issue with missing ebook resolved very quickly. I would most assuredly order from them again.

Johney K.

Almost had me

Practicing a new skill is an easy way to find love for a new hobby, but learning the skill requires a lot of time, effort, and most likely some sort of beginning investment to purchase tools of the trade. Locksmithing is no exception, so when I decided I wanted to learn how to pick locks I naturally started by going online to find a set of picks that were durable, affordable, and easy to use. I looked on Amazon first, but their selection was surprisingly poor, then google brought me to LockPickWorld. The selection on this site was amazing so I began to peruse through some of the sets that they offered and found myself looking into the lock pick beginner’s box. It came with a set of 15 lock picks as well as another smaller set in a fake credit card concealed package, two practice locks, and an e-book describing a beginner technique to start picking with, called the single-pin method. It seemed to be a quality deal, so I set forth to purchase it. In anticipation of my tool’s arrival and as sort of an afterthought I decided to check out the company as I believe it is important to buy from companies that share my ethical beliefs and practices. This is the criteria I will be using to judge this product including: the quality of the product itself, the support offered for learning the skill, and the company’s practices regarding ethics of trade. When I received my picks the first thing that I realized was that as far as durability was concerned, I made the right choice for the price. Although I could not find much information on the materials used on the website, the tools seem to be quite sturdy. My best guess just from studying the tools closely is that the handle is made of thin pieces of steel with brass grommets sandwiching the pick in between them. The pick itself also seems to be steel, but I cannot say for sure. What I can say certainly is that the pick extends beyond the handle and runs down the length of the handle as well. Lockpicks are delicate tools and are not made to withstand high pressure jobs; they are to be used with finesse. I opted for this set instead of others because for this price point most of what was being offered were plastic handled picks with none of the other benefits of this set. The support for learning the skill was probably the one thing that completely sold me on this set. It came with an e-book titled the Complete Lock Picking Guide that was quite helpful. The website offers an extensive list of video tutorials showing what to use for different locks and what the different styles of picks are best for. Overall this is where this product truly takes the cake and opens the door for people who want to learn and keep learning a lifelong skill. The support of a company to its community is really important which is why LockPickWorld has done a great thing by developing videos and literature to help their customers cultivate further skill in their practices. But what about how this company interacts with the global community? Since this is a corporation that operates under the free trade agreement and buys huge supplies of product with little mark-up; this illustrates participation in a system that is highly flawed and exploits its factory workers and the surrounding communities by offering low wages and hostile environments. This is how companies are able to make these products affordable and accessible to the common public. Not only has the owner and founder of the company shown support for free-trade policy (not to be mistaken for fair-trade) regardless of its implications on environments around the world, but he has shown an insensitivity towards this problematic system stating, “We whip our staff to keep them working all through the night.” Overall, the quality of the tools seemed acceptable, the support in order to learn the skill was and is incredible, but the lack of conscious awareness was bitterly unappealing. For me this awareness is a huge concern, that is why I cannot recommend this product to others who seek to learn the ways of lockpicking. It is unfortunate that so many of us benefit from this market system while so many others are exploited for our convenience. It may be an uncomfortable truth, nonetheless it is one that needs to be acknowledged.

David A.
United States

Great tools

quality tools , fast delivery