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Lock Pick Practice Sets

Best Practice Locks

Our practice lock sets have additional features to make learning lockpicking easier. If you want to learn how to pick a lock, a practice lock can help.

Cut-away locks are “real” locks that have been cut away to expose the pins and springs, allowing you to see what’s happening when you insert the key or lock picks. Clear locks are fully formed, but again, allowing you to see what's happening. When a key or lock pick is inserted, you can see the internal mechanisms or actions inside the lock. There is no quicker way to understand the process required to pick a lock than a clear or cut-away lock.

Some of our lock-picking practice locks are neither cut-away nor clear, rather, they offer the lock picker an “easier” real lock to start on. Many people asked how to pick a door lock, yet it’s advisable NOT to pick locks in use unless you have to. Damage is rare, but a practice lock saves you from taking the risk.

Start with Your Lock Picking Journey Today!

This is a great place to start if you want to know how to pick a lock. A clear or cut-away lock and a set of lock picks, and you're off. Enhance your lock-picking skills with our training locks.

We also have some great dimple practice locks if you feel more advanced. Browse our practice lock pick sets and pick your choice!