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Lock Pick Rakes

Are you concerned about how weak your home security is? Have you locked your door but felt you’re still fearful? You are not paranoid. The locks you use may be all for show. These devices may not keep you safe. This may be a good time for you to learn how to pick locks using a lock pick rake.

Our shop has an entire section of lock pick rake sets. Compared to all traditional lock-picking tools, such as hook picks, rake lock picks are way easier to use. You can start with our basic rake lock pick set. We have tutorials on how to pick different locks online using rake picks. These “how to pick a lock” videos are interesting and may even be lifesaving.

How Hard Is It to Pick a Lock?

This is the hard truth. It all depends on the lock and your skills. The reason you pay a hefty fee to a professional locksmith is that they are experts in security. Some designs are too simple. These risky gadgets are easy to open. You don’t want these weak devices to guard your home. Your first line of defense must be capable of protecting itself.

How Do You Use Rake Lock Picks?

If you know how to use a tension wrench, then you’re almost there! Simply apply tension and insert a rake lock pick. In there, you’ll engage in the art of maneuvering the rake, adjusting tension, and feeling the pins move. With practice, you’ll learn to make different lock picks work. Eventually, you’ll learn how to tackle those pins and trick the lock into thinking the right key has been inserted.

After raking your first lock, you’ll find that you have reason to be paranoid after all.

Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself making progress as your lock-picking skills and lock pick set grow. You then shift to the more challenging ones. These locks may be harder to manipulate with a rake, but the resounding sound when you pop them open is worth it!

Raking locks are excellent for lock pick beginners who want to pick a tumbler lock or wafer lock. Starting with a rake lock pick set, such as a city rake or rake picks, is good for morale because beginners generally have no problem using them. In a short time, you’ll hear that click become familiar when picking lock after lock works.

What Are the Benefits of Lock Picking?

When learning how-to lock-picking strategies from our videos, you’ll be initially more paranoid. Now, this is a good thing. This will compel you to change your security system or devices as soon as possible. Remember that homeowners who are targets of burglary are usually complacent with their house security.

More so, lockpicking, whether you’re raking or single-pin picking, is a useful skill. You may find yourself in an unexpected situation where you find yourself locked out of a home or a car. Now’s your chance to save yourself with a good lock pick set.

Turn a situation of annoyance into a proud moment. Not only will you save money from having to pay a professional locksmith, but you’ll also know if these house locks need to be replaced.

Imagine yourself telling this story as an icebreaker to your children, your parents, or your colleagues and friends. Or perhaps your lock pick set and mentioning you know how to lock pick may be the very things that bond you with your future partner. Now that’s what I call useful!