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GOSO Lock Pick Set

Looking for a reliable lock picking set? Needing an easy access set that can be either pulled from your pocket or even from your wallet? GOSO lock picks (short for “Get Out, Stay Out”) showcase a wide variety of lock picking sets, entirely dependent on what size of pick you need and how you want to use it.

While some GOSO lock pick set varieties are available for any lock, it’s still more ideal to get a specialized lock pick for the lock you want. We provide support to customers looking for a better GOSO lock pick set that fits what they need and ensure you get the right GOSO kit that you want.

Many of GOSO’s popular products are lock pick sets, but they also have other items that ensure the people get what they need for their lockpicking. It already has a handy plug spinner for easy lock picking and inflatable air jacks for moving and leveling items when needed, which make getting around lifting heavy objects possible just by yourself.

Another crowd favorite would be the comb lock picking set, which is perfect for beginners since it simultaneously pushes all the pins for easy access. It cuts back picking time, and it’s almost always successful in getting the lock to turn. Most of these picks are made of stainless steel so the set can support heavy usage and multiple lock varieties.

GOSO also offers a special wedge and crowbar set for prying stuck doors and boxes. It’s made with durable UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), which makes it lightweight and easy to handle. It fits in your toolbox and can be used for professional services if you run a business. It can wedge through any tough spots and easily pry any stuck doors.

There is also a famed wafer lock pick rake set that’s a popular choice for most double-sided locks. A double-sided lock is a popular choice for older vehicles, desks, and drawers. Sometimes, standard picks can’t manage this kind of lock design and will even give a professional a hard time. However, with this wafer lock pick rake set, you can manage the job easily. This set also has nonslip handles to make sure you’ll have a steady grip while you work.

A fun and unique addition to the GOSO lock pick collection would be the Credit Card Lock Pick Set, handy for people who refuse to carry a toolbox around. The pick is the size of a credit card (and designed to look like one for that espionage feel), and it can fit comfortably inside your wallet.

It contains two lock picks and two lock rakes, making it great for basic lock picking in case of emergencies. It’s also an ideal option for people who travel and lose their baggage keys in the process—just pick your lock if needed! It’s also a great gift for the master lock picker in the family.

GOSO has made a name for itself with a wide range of lock picking tools at affordable prices. From their classic entry-level 24-piece Lock Pick Set to their ground-breaking Inner Groove Picks for Cars, GOSO has established itself as a brand you can depend on.

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