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Bump Keys Set

Lock bumping has become a worldwide phenomenon in home security, though not the desired one by some people. With the right bump key set and tools, a beginner can start bumping open locks that previously would have been hard or even impossible to crack.

What are bump keys used for?

A bump key ( sometimes known as a bumper key, bumping keys, etc.) is a specially-designed tool that allows you to pick pin-tumbler locks - the world’s most popular kind of locks. Normally, you would need a bump key set to be able to pick a wide variety of locks. The process of opening a lock using bump keys is called “lock bumping,” and it has proven to be very effective.

Do bump keys work?

Pin-tumbler locks work on the principle that all driver pins should be aligned correctly (not too high nor too low) with the key pins on the shear line for the lock to turn. Thus, the cuts on your key should have the correct depths for the grooves to turn the lock.

Surprisingly, bump keys are very effective at opening pin-tumbler locks. Of course, not all first attempts are successful. However, “bumping” has proven to be very reliable for locksmiths, repossessors, and landlords to open these kinds of locks. With a few bumps, keys will align the cylinders and turn your lock.

The most important thing to consider is the kind of bump keys you’ll be using for a lock. Bump keys are mostly manufacturer-specific. A Kwikset lock needs an exact bump key made specifically for a Kwikset lock. It has to have the correct number of cylinders, and the key should fit the groove of the lock for it to work. A full set requires bump keys from all the major lock manufacturers.

Check out some of our videos to see how lock bumping can be applied to many types of locks, allowing you to learn how to open them with your key set in seconds.

How do I make a bump key?

Bump keys are specifically designed so that the cuts are all at maximum depth. Even for someone who has a modest knowledge in being a locksmith, making this kind of key is simple by using any blank and using simple locksmith tools. However, making one yourself isn’t advisable as the price of a bump key set is not very high. For locksmiths, this is a new way to save some time and money for their clients by easily opening locks without drilling or damaging them and maintaining the security of the client’s home.

Where can I get a bump key?

As specialists, we have the latest and largest range of bump keys in handy sets and bundles that you'll find useful for any kind of lock. If you have any questions, let us know. We have designed our products to be the best possible on the market at an affordable price.