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Top of Keyway Tension Tools + DISCOUNT

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello Lock Pickers....

THE TRUTH: Top of Keyway wrenches  (AKA 'pry-bars') have become the DEFAULT method of applying tension. It's what the Pros are doing - and for good reason. Now we've established that, let's go.....


OH MY GOSH - Are you not wrenching in the Top of the Keyway? Here's your chance to get busy with one of the best innovations in modern lock picking - top of keyway wrenching - with a WHOPPING DISCOUNT - the result is pure lock picking bliss.


Dangerfield 5 piece TOK wrench set - a wide variety of different shaped and gauged top of keyway tension tools. The cream of the cream. Discount code below.

Specifications for the Dangerfield 5 Piece set:

  • 1 x Smooth Rounded .025 inch flat bar
  • 1 x Dog Ear Squared .032 inch flat bar
  • 1 x Dog Ear .025 inch flat bar
  • 1 x Dog Ear .032 inch flat bar 
  • 1 x Dog Ear .04 inch flat bar


All sorts of problems associated with the usual, bottom of keyway wrenching (BOK), are eliminated over night. Problems such as all that space the BOK wrenches take up, leaving less room for your pick. That is now free! You're even freed up to increase the angle of your picking. Top of Keyway wrenching is AWESOME!



The Dangerfield TOK wrenches will free your mind and the pins will follow!

TOK wrenches are more secure too - since there's little space for them to move compared to the clumsy, flapping wings of BOK wrenching, they tend to sit tight, which not only reduces the chances of them falling out, they also provide more feedback. More stability and more feedback - the two things wrenching has been crying out for! Relax, it's taken care of.

Knowing you have the right tools for the job, is a great feeling, and contributes to your feeling of confidence when attacking a lock - meaning better results. Lose the frustration of dealing with sub-par bottom of keyway wrenches.

You can see  the specifications of this exquisite set and the bottom of this page.

What else to say? You can never have too much variety when it comes to wrenches, you can never have too many lock picking tools with a WHOPPING 15% DISCOUNT, and TOK wrenching will transform your lock picking. I mean those three facts alone make clear what you already know! Top of Keyway wrenches will put you more in touch with what's going on in the lock, while giving you more control required to exploit that information. To summarize: You'll pick more locks successfully.

Look at all that space in the keyway for your picks! It's time to get with the groove and free up your lock picking space! 

Yes, I am trying to sell you TOK wrenches. Why? Because I pick locks, and I use them, and I want you to experience them. I want you to pick more locks.

We have limited stock which will go today, I promise. BE QUICK!


To save 15% off your Dangerfield TOK wrenches use code danger15 at checkout

Click HERE for Dangerfield TOK wrenches


Happy 'TOK' picking


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