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Home is where your heart is. It’s where you can relax with confidence, within comfort, without care. Everyone deserves a home like that.

However, not every neighborhood is friendly. A person can get shot in their own home and have their hard-earned possessions taken. A family can get attacked within their supposed sanctuary. A kid can be abducted from their backyard. Truly, there are dangerous places in this world.

That’s why you need good home security. If you can keep your home safe, you will avoid becoming a victim of crime, but first you need to know how to properly turn your home into a fortress against exterior evils.

These blogs, websites, and experts are some of the best in the field of home security. They can supply, guide, and educate you with everything you need. Check them out.


GHS Security

One of America’s top community-based security and automation companies, GHS Interactive Security has amassed over a hundred years of combined knowledge in the business. GHS’s mission is to enhance the country’s education on home security.

To that end, the company endeavors to provide every American home with a working alarm system and offers security services and solutions integrated with smart technology. They even have their own smartphone app that lets you monitor your home 24-7 from anywhere in the world.

Strand Security Systems

Strand Security believes in making a safer world and works toward that goal one customer at a time. Such is its focus in attending to its patrons that every person who employs Strand Security’s services rests with a lighter heart, confident in the total security of their homes. In fact, its motto is “Your security, our business.”

Though their base of operations is within Maryland, South Carolina, and their surrounding areas, their security blog contains educational materials helpful to anyone who lives beyond Strand Security’s protection.

DIY Protection

Canadian company DIY Protection provides the best home-security products for citizens north of the border. The company carries out services such as fire protection, intrusion protection, and 24-7 professional monitoring.

The DIY Protection site is considered as one of the top one hundred home-security blogs. The blog covers plenty of topics. On it, you’ll learn how to set up your house’s security systems as well as DIY home-improvement projects.

Euro Secure

In business since 2008, Euro Secure is a security product provider and a licensed Ultion key center concentrating on total home security.

The website also has a blog page that contains articles covering a wide range of topics, such as protection from home invasions and break-ins and personal information security while on the internet.

IFI Homes

What started as an idea and a passion to make life simpler and more secure grew into a full-fledged dedication to supply society with smart home-security solutions like high-tech hidden cameras and Wi-Fi doorbells.

As part of their mission to educate consumers on good home security, IFI Homes publishes informational posts on its blog, with a focus on DIY materials. In fact, the products it promotes are simple and easy to install.

On top of that, IFI Homes also is an advocate for green technology. The site offers solar products that can operate independently without users inconvenienced by switches and wires.

YY Security Installations

Established in 1948, Young & Young Security has been providing and continues to provide complete security services to homeowners and businesses. Some of their services and products include burglar and fire alarms, CCTVs, and even locksmiths for those who get locked outside their residences, vehicles, or offices.

YY Security employs an expert staff with an average of twenty years’ experience in the field. They share their knowledge on the company’s blog, offering helpful insights as well as tutorials on various aspects of home security.

Neighbourhood Locks

When you’re locked out of your own home and you’ve lost your keys, who you gonna call? Your friendly Neighbourhood Locks! This is a group of highly respected full-time professional locksmiths based in Ipswich, England. They operate in the surrounding areas (e.g., Woodbridge, Felixstowe, Kesgrave, etc.) too.

Neighbourhood Locks uses nondestructive means to bypass locks; thus, you can relax knowing your doors and locks won’t get damaged. In case you already have a broken lock, Neighbourhood Locks also offers replacements, upgrades, refitting, and many other services.

Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems is a free online resource filled with informative articles as well as reviews and comparisons on companies that provide security services and products. The site rates them based on factors such as consumer feedback, product warranty, and 24-7 monitoring and support.

To one who’s in the market for better home security, the site is an invaluable tool for finding the right company fit for their needs. Home Security Systems also occasionally offers discounts and deals from a few of those companies.

Security Search NZ

Security Search is New Zealand’s top source for home and business security info and services. The online resource site is easy to use, and its search tool can quickly locate and give you a free quote on home security services/products in Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch.

Security Search also regularly publishes home-security articles, such as reviews of alarm systems, tips to identify potential vulnerabilities and how to fix them, and tutorials on improving your home’s security integrity.

Home Security

Home Security provides comprehensive information on almost every aspect of home security. From individual cameras and alarms to entire systems, the site has it all. It even contains an advisory on home insurance and a directory of each US state’s insurance departments.

Home Security was launched by Alexis Posharo, who used to work with two of the largest home security providers. Her ten-year experience gives her blog’s articles a gravitas and authority that only a professional in the field can give.

VinTech Security Systems

Certified as one of the Top 3 Best Security Systems in Chicago by Three Best Rated and an A+ accredited business by BBB, VinTech is a security provider licensed by the State of Illinois.

The fine folks at VinTech believe that every home or business is unique; thus, they make it their mission to provide high-quality, user-friendly, and reliable security solutions customized to fit each of their clients’ needs and preferences.

VinTech also keeps their blog updated with relevant and instructional home and commercial security content.

Keytek Locksmiths

The United Kingdom’s largest group of national locksmiths, Keytek Locksmiths provides mobile emergency locksmith services across the UK.

Available around the clock every day of the year, even on holidays, and with a quick response time of less than an hour, you can be assured that Keytek Locksmiths will go to your rescue whenever you need their services.

Keytek Locksmiths also maintains and regularly updates a blog with an extensive amount of informative content, all of which draw from the expertise of Keytek’s master locksmiths.

Titan Alarm

With its superior tech, top-quality protection, world-class customer service, and core values that revolve around customer care, Titan Alarm is one of the fastest-growing home-security, home-automation, and security-integration companies in North America. The company also provides the number 1 top-selling security system in the USA.

Titan Alarm values its customers so much to the point that the company refers to them as family. Its focus on customer care is evident in its website, which contains several support pages that educate and aid visitors on home-security concerns.

Security Baron

Security Baron is a resource website that publishes reviews and comparisons of home and personal security services and products. It also covers news, features, and security issues.

A major focus of Security Baron is on matters of information security. The website contains instructionals on various security software as well as good online-safety practices.

With Security Baron, you’ll learn how to protect yourself from breaches both at home and on the internet.

Allied Fire & Security

In business since 1948, Allied Fire & Security is one of the country’s largest security and systems integrator companies. Allied Fire & Security specializes in security and life-safety products and services. The company is committed to bringing quality total security to its customers; it is its mission to guarantee its customer’s safety and peace of mind.

To that end, Allied Fire & Security’s blog contains a vast archive of informational materials on home security and safety. It has guides, tutorials, and articles that answer many security issues common and uncommon.

Floyd Total Security

Floyd Total Security has been in the home-security business for over seventy years, serving residents of Minneapolis–Saint Paul Metro area and its environs.

Over the years, the company grew with the industry’s new developments and technology. Yet despite that, Floyd Total Security’s products and services still remain easy to set up and use, and it’s thorough enough to provide total security for any home.

Some of the company’s services include residential and commercial surveillance and security systems as well as emergency locksmiths for those needing immediate help.

Home and Commercial Security Inc.

Home and Commercial Security Inc. is in the peace-of-mind business. That means the company provides security and safety so customers can be at peace without worrying about their property and personage.

To that end, the company’s website, aside from being a storefront for H & C’s products and services, also circulates news on security issues and technology. It has an archive of safety tips useful for every home in matters of fire safety, burglary protection, and carbon monoxide mitigation.

Tasco Security Inc.

A New England–based security company, Tasco Security specializes in integrating security, life safety, video surveillance, and other electronic systems and provides those services to the Upper Valley area, interlinking those systems to over twenty-five fire and police departments in that region.

Tasco Security maintains a blog filled with complete guides, tutorials, and tips concerning business and home security. Their articles include topics such as DIY security alarms, securing your home before you leave for a vacation, and even protection against carbon monoxide poisoning.

Security News Desk

Every industry needs a hub of information, and Security News Desk is just that for the security sector and has been since 2011. The site covers everything from company profiles and product news to legislations, best practices, and the state of the world in terms of safety and security.

While all of its content is available on its site, Security News Desk publishes a bi-monthly publication of its editorials and most important highlights. For those who are always on the go, it’s a convenient way of staying informed of the latest security news.


Contracting professional companies to take care of your home security can be costly. For an ordinary family, it may not be a feasible solution, let alone the more secure and smart technologies currently available.

The VueVille family is just one of those ordinary families—one that achieved an extraordinarily secure smart home on their own! Daniel the Dad runs the VueVille blog so that he can share the family’s secrets in building a DIY smart home.

In the site, Daniel publishes detailed tutorials, strategies, and even in-depth hands-on product reviews for various automated products built for a smart home.

Tango Digital Systems

No crime goes unnoticed with Tango Digital Systems, a team of engineers, executives, and experts on surveillance and vehicle security, PBX intercom systems, renewable energy, biometric access systems, and general IT services.

Tango is based in Lagos, Nigeria but is expanding to serve the entire region of West Africa. That doesn’t mean that people from around the world can’t benefit from the team’s expertise. Their site contains a number of useful articles that, apart from security, also covers topics such as web development and CCTV technology.

Guardian Security Group

Are you in Tacoma, Washington, and locked out of your property? If you answer yes to both, give Guardian Security Group a call. You can also visit its website to send a message and read up on its myriad services. The company repairs, replaces, or installs door locks, CCTV cameras, and related security systems.

You can check its online portfolio of secure and automated gate systems for your home or office. Don’t forget car key systems as you can have them replaced or installed at Southern Puget Sound’s local locksmith.

Redford Lock Security Solutions

Browse through the Redford Lock Security Solutions website to learn about sophisticated systems that can be installed in schools, government buildings, industrial premises, and other commercial spaces. The company offers electronic access control and video surveillance together with advanced key systems and classroom lockdown solutions. You can also access user guides in PDF format. For quotes and queries about the Michigan-based security solutions provider, fill out an online form.

Affordable Lock and Security Solutions

Find user-friendly and cost-effective systems to fortify your residential or commercial property with Affordable Lock and Security Solutions. Through its website, you can look up the company’s comprehensive home automation offerings, which include burglar alarms, access controls, and security cameras.

The locksmith operates in Tampa Bay and Central Florida with locations you can access on the website. Read what other clients have to say about the company and schedule a service online or via phone.

Holder’s Total Security

Visit Holder’s Total Security to connect with professional services and products for your home or business lock, surveillance, and alarm needs. What’s more, you can simply click to call or request a quote on the website. You can tap the residential or commercial tab to learn more about features and technologies to keep your property safe.

Give the company a call, or visit its physical offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with details posted on the site.

Alert 360

You can’t be too complacent when it comes to securing your person or property, Alert 360 seems to say. Based on its website, the company specializes in the installation, automation, and monitoring of security systems designed for homes and businesses. You can go over packages or individual products that enable you to build your custom system at home. Enter your zip code to find an Alert 360 near you, request a quote, or contact support all through the website.


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