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Here's a short list of recommendations for lock picks for newcomers seeking to learn how to lock pick - if you know exactly what you're looking for - please visit our website instead, or use the search bar at the top. Clicking on any Buy Now button will take you to your shopping cart on our website. Just enter your Locklab discount code at the last page of our checkout.

Our criteria for this list is cultivated from experience, but primarily we choose sets that are professionally manufactured, reviewed well by experts or hobbyists, and that they get delivered to you within 2 - 6 days once ordered (depending on your state of course!).

Ultimately, the final choice is yours, we're just here to make your life a little easier as we've been doing this for a while and we hope that our views bear some weight! Let's begin.


Recommended Lock Pick Sets

    1. Dangerfield Praxis Dual-Gauge Lock Pick Set

    2. Dangerfield Serenity Starter Set

    3. Southord PXS-14 Beginners Set

    4. Lokko Complete Beginners Boxed Set

    5. Multipick Elite 27 Professional Lock Pick Set

    6. Southord 22 Piece Lock Pick Set

    7. Peterson Just Picks Stainless Steel Set

    8. Pocket Skeleton Key Multi Tool Lock Pick Set

    9. Sparrows Vorax Lock Pick Set


Picking Practice Recommendations:

Don't forget that practice makes perfect - and what better way to get started than to include a good selection of practice locks to go with your picks. This way, you'll be learn to better visualize the inside of the mechanism and be able to pick locks much more successfully.


Electric Lock Pick Guns - The fast way to pick locks?

Want to know what all the hype is about lock pick guns?

Essentially, there are three types of pick gun. And they aren't actually guns - they are just a kind of power tool. Through clever technological application of a vibrating motor, they're particularly good at jiggling the pins in locks so you very often reach a configuration that allows you to open them without a key. Why do you need this if you have manual lockpicks? Well, in the same way that having more picks gives you access to more types of picking, and having more types of picking allows you a greater range of options for success ... this is just the same. When you don't want to damage and replace the entire door, hinges or whatever else - lock picking is always the first primary method we choose.

Another versatile tool that again further improves the probability that you open a lock without having to cut it out expensively, or damage whatever door the lock is holding closed.


There are three types of pick gun:


We'll be introducing just the fully automatic electric pick gun here, but you can read about or browse the rest on lockpickWorld.

We know that the current most popular and recommended EPG is the German manufactured Kronos. There's a certain benefit to knowing that your automatic picking tool is made with reliable German craftsmanship and technology.

Quality, effectiveness and superior service - this matches perfectly with what LockpickWorld stands for and how we love interacting with you, our customers.

1. Best Lock Pick Set - Dangerfield Praxis Lock Pick Set


The perfect lock pick set for a dedicated lock picker. We sought the experience and knowledge of professional and world-champion lock pickers around the world when devising this set, and have created something both unique and devastatingly effective.

These are sixteen of the finest picks supplied in two thicknesses for all kinds of locks. You get both slimline 0.023", and ultra-slimline 0.015" in a smart camo case - all extremely solid and with a range of tension tools that perfectly compliment this professional selection.

The Praxis picks have been reviewed as Bosnian Bill’s (Lock-Lab) set of choice, and will take you from the start of your journey and give you a professional lock picking head start. Watch the video of his review to learn more about these British Design lockpicks.

If you'd like to practice more effectively, we highly recommend adding a clear training lock or our box of Practice Locks too.


Sold out

Professional Tools

Comes in two thicknesses (gauges), all the tension tools you might need and a carry wallet

Toolbox Essentials

All you need to get started with a pick set and a case that holds your lock picks in place.



Highly Reviewed!

See our whole range of reviews about the Dangerfield Praxis set from satisfied customers.


Practical Brain Training

This makes a great gift. Just add a practice lock and book bundle and you're on your way!

2. Best Lock Pick Set - Dangerfield Serenity Lock Pick Set


One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “What’s the best set for a beginner?” That question was finally answered for the last time when designing the Serenity set. An introductory lock pick set needs to be punchy, compact, no-nonsense and high quality. These are the core defining qualities of this set.

But more – we wanted to make a beginner lock pick set that didn’t need to be replaced, one that would last well into the future. There’s no reason a starter set needs a shelf-life. The Serenity lock pick set offers an affordable popular and professional collection of useful lock pick tools and wrenches picked out specially for you.


Just add a Clear Training Lock and you can get started instantly.

Sold out

Complete this with a lock

Clear Practice Locks make great training tools to go with your Serenity Set

Solid 301 Stainless Steel

All of our picks are made from quality steel - resilient, stainless and ideal for the work you need


Pop locks easily!

Educate yourself on lock mechanisms, raise your lock IQ. Just upgrade your set

Build your own set

Thousands of satisfied learners who've enjoyed this hobby together can't be wrong

3. Best Lock Pick Set Southord Beginners Pick Set

SouthOrd has long been a reliable name in lock picking quality. Beautifully designed picks that have stood the test of time and that are manufactured locally in the US.

The SouthOrd PXS-14 beginners set contains a great range of picks and tension tools in a great looking wallet, with comfortable grips for those wanting a more ergonomic feel.

This is a consistent, best-selling lock pick set that will compliment your developing skills perfectly. Just add a clear practice lock and you'll be good to go.

Sold out

Made in the USA

Stainless steel picks made by SouthOrd in the US

A Great starter set to have

Get lock picks, handles, tension wrenches and leather case in one set


Beginner Sets Available

To complete your set, add a booklet, and a practice lock too

Learn in only an hour

The right tools, the right place, free shipping over $35 and fast delivery

Lokko Lock Pick Set - Beginners 1 Set


If you’re totally new to lock picking, the choices can be daunting. We recommend this particular set all the time to most newcomers because it has everything you need to get started and gets you educated about picking and opening locks in under an hour!

The Lokko lock pick set box contains:

      • a step-by-step full-color PDF eBook
      • a quickstart guide for the impatient
      • two clear transparent practice locks
      • normal lock picks with comfortable handles
      • tension wrench to complete the picking experience
      • a leather wallet to hold all your lockpicks
      • a set of spy credit card covert picks
      • a great looking boxed set


Everything you need to challenge yourself and deal with those locks immediately. Keep it yourself, or this is great as a unique gift for a friend or loved one!

As unusual gifts go - this is extremely cool, and it's perfect for anyone that loves experiences over just things. It's perfect for any occasion and you save even more if you buy more than one pack.

Clicking on the Buy Now button below adds the Lokko Set to your Shopping Cart and takes you to our (LockpickWorld) checkout start page where you can enter your details securely.

We also give you two discounted options to choose from below:

One with our hard copy paperback illustrated how-to lock pick guide, and the other option without the book (but personally, I think it's always more fun practising with a full color book in front of you!)


10% off: use the coupon code WELCOME10 at the end of checkout to get 10% more off the price! I recommend the version with the paperback guidebook - Chris

Sold out

100% Money Back Guarantee

Comes Boxed for Gifting

Great for those times when you need to give someone the gift of an experience.

Unboxing too...

Everything you need to get started! All the tools, an online eBook, and practice locks


Pop your first lock!

Educate yourself on how locks work, improve your dexterity, or just satisfy your own curiosity.

Hours of entertainment

We have thousands of satisfied adults and kids who've enjoyed learning this hobby together!

5. Best Lock Pick Set - Multipick ELITE Pickset

"Probably the nicest and most complete lock pick set I ever had the chance to look at" Bosnian Bill

- With a review like that, from the man who knows, you can be sure this is something special. The Multipick ELITE Super-Pick Set 37 pieces.

So - this is a lot of lock picks, and it's designed for every situation you might think of coming up against. Think of this like the toolbox full of solutions. Except it's a gorgeous tactile, leather roll-up wrap case full of lock picking solutions.

Why's this particular set different? Well, each stainless steel pick is individually designed and crafted by German lock picking specialists to produce the last word in professional lock picking craftsmanship.

Owning this pick set puts you among the world elite of lock pickers, allowing you entry into an unspoken and unnamed club for people who have all the tools to realize the locksmith and amazing picking skills they wish to develop.

Pure quality design, engineering and workmanship, protected in a supple leather wrap-up case that unrolls to present this elegant and meticulous selection, ready for endless effective lock picking.

All you need now is the right selection of practice locks to go with it!

Sold out

6. Best Lock Pick Set - Southord 22 Piece Lock Pick Set

Eight years ago I got my Slimline SouthOrd 22 piece pick set. Today, it's as fresh as ever and still my go-to lock pick set. Pulling the zip on the leather case is like opening a box of delights, the impeccable design and professional quality simply glows. This set screams confidence and is a pleasure to use and own.

Superb American engineering and expertly designed, this is a complete, and serious set of picks for the serious lock picker.

We recommend getting a practice lock or two with this so you can improve your abilities. In the C2010 kit all picks except for three are a practical thickness at 0.022". This difference gives you a range of versatile options for whatever lock you encounter.

This set also comes highly recommended, and all SouthOrd products come with a standard guarantee of total satisfaction. Order it today and get it with Free and fast delivery.

Sold out

7. Best Lock Pick Set - Peterson's Just Picks Lock Pick Set

Peterson's lock picks are known for their attention to detail, especially the small differences in the picking surface that can make all the difference. The angle of the cut, the curve of the neck - when using Peterson picks you know they have been designed by people who pick locks.

This was Peterson's first offering of slender government steel picks to allow working within narrow key ways. Based on their thinness they kept them at a standard profile for strength.

This set of Peterson's 0.015" picks contains 5 of Peterson's most popular profiles. The perfect addition to any pick set. Just slip them in with your favourite set and instantly make it a superior set. Tough as nails and laser precise.

Again, don't forget to add a selection of locks to your practice bundle!


Out of Stock

8. Best Lock Pick Set - Dangerfield Skeleton Key EDC Multi Tool Lock Pick Set

The pocket Skeleton Key lockpick you didn't know you needed. A new entry into #9th position, equal to the Multipick Blackline, but perhaps a bit more stylish. Combining the brilliance of Dangerfield Praxis lock pick versatility with customization and a TOK wrench that fits into your portable set - this is a revolution in multi tool lockpicks!

Sleek, bold and with clean modern designs, the Dangerfield Skeleton lives up to its checks all the boxes: Covert lock picking, customizable functionality with an attract profile and top-tier picking performance.

Choose howevermany picks you want, personalize your selection with expansion packs and never be caught out without picks ever again.

This must-have Skeleton Key multitool is discreet yet powerful for effective covert operation spring-steel picks for extreme toughness and flexibility. Being prepared to pick locks in any emergency and yet remain covert when not in use is what defines a next-level lock picker.

Browse through our range of practice locks to go with!


Sold out

9. Best Lock Pick Set - Sparrows Vorax Lock Pick Set

The Sparrows Vorax set offers a complete selection of professional rakes, picks and tension tools for the serious Single Pin Picker and lock Raker.

Combining years of experience and design into one set, the Vorax provides serious lock picking ability with style, premium manufacture and attention to detail. This distinct and impressive set is the definitive all-in creation of professional lock pickers who demand quality and precision design.

This Canadian Lock Picking manufacturer sure knows how to make sets for picking locks, and their exclusivity means you should definitely check them out. While pricey, and a little behind Multipick and perhaps Dangerfield in quality - they're still up there on our list of top sets.

Visit UKBumpkeys for this item.


There's so much more to discover

Enter a whole world of lock picks


Five Star Video Review of our Praxis Lock Pick Set!


Universally praised by all reviewers.

Perfect two thicknesses for all locks.

Easy to learn to use - just like our other sets

Watch the Lock-Lab Video Review below

Other Shoppers Reviewed their Lock Pick Sets

Amazing Practice Locks to speed up learning

One last thing - We usually also recommend that if you are starting out, you also look at our collection of training locks to get you started.
This bundle is ideal if you want a great price when getting practice locks to improve your dexterity and skill.
Our Box of Quality Practice Locks consists of:
  • A clear, see-through practice padlock with visible mechanism + keys
  • A clear, see-through double-sided practice lock with visible mechanism + keys: get double the practice easily.
  • A unique crystal-clear practice lock with keys, again ideal for training with your picks. This lock is a joy to hold and we have customers buying it just for decorative purposes. It's just that well crafted.
Whether you're after a series of great practical puzzles or just something to keep your brain active - this practice lock bundle is perfect for expanding your picking collection... or just for displaying on your desk to impress your friends!
Sold out

Brain Training

Improve your IQ and manual dexterity with practice

Expand your starter sets

More locks = more fun. Keep your hands occupied while you multitask!

Challenge yourself

Picking locks becomes zen-like, but only after a worthy struggle.

This is just the beginning

Discover TOK wrenches, vices, repinnable locks and more

How to Pick Locks - a Dummies Guide

We are extremely proud of our newly released, glossy, squarebound, teach yourself Lock Picking handbook in hard copy. Our recommended guide to Lock Picking - or what we like to fondly term Practical Brain Training. Improve your IQ, and sharpen your manual dexterity!

At 36 pages of weighty, unparalleled, solid information in full color covering lock picking and single pin picking, this is a specialist guide and must-have for anyone who doesn't want to squint at a mass of text on your phone.

As a bonus, this will also always the latest version of our guide - so even if you've read the old version or have come across any other documents, this has a lot in it that we'd recommend - as well as a quick-start for lock picking cylinder locks (door locks typically).

This illustrated glossy guide covers everything from:

    • How locks actually work (including 3D images in color)
    • How Lock Picking works and how you can learn this skill
    • How keys function function inside locks
    • Tolerances, and how lock picks work on locks
    • What pins are inside the lock, and how picking takes advantage of them
    • A Variety of effective picking options and techniques
    • How to hold the picks so you don't strain your hands
    • Advanced picking options on different illustrated locks

Once you've read through this with some picks and practice locks in front of you - we're certain that you'll be able to add a brand new, cool survival skill to your list of abilities! Get your copy now!

Sold out

Our in-house lock picking expert Chris Dangerfield has this to add:

The summaries above of our time-tested and best lock pick gun options will help you narrow down your choices. These are the tools we use, the ones we supply to hobbyists, professionals, locksmiths, the military, police and other key servicemen, as well as world champion locksport pickers!

We design, manufacture and routinely use many of the picks we sell, and our customer reviews speak volumes about our years of trustworthiness and service, as well as our great prices and Free Shipping over $35 from our US warehouse.

That being said, we do recommend obviously the Wendt brand for tools (as shown above also), and Multipick, as well as Southord.

What better way to educate yourself about locks, save yourself money so you don't have to pay locksmiths all the time for solvable call-outs, learn home security and challenge your brain? Along the way, you'll improve your lock knowledge and pick gun use!


Here are the remaining 4 questions you need to ask yourself:

    1. How much do you want to spend?
    2. Do you want a beginner set or do you want to spend more on a complete professional lock pick set?
    3. Do you want to add practice locks to the purchase?
    4. Are you going to add a guide book to the lock pick set?


That's it - now you have all you need to make the right choice! Please Share our guide if you think someone might enjoy a read!

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To read more about each set, just click on the numbered titles to see them on our website and see what our other customers think of them. We provide fast and free delivery, great after-sales service and a 100% money back return guarantee if you aren't happy with the quality of our lock picks!

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Our hundreds of satisfied customers speak volumes about our expertise and ability to teach you this great, new and useful hobby!

If this is your first time shopping for lock picks, you can use the code WELCOME10 at the end of checkout to get 10% off your whole order! And this is in addition to the Free standard shipping for all orders over $35.

Once you ready to order - we provide fast and free delivery that will arrive within 3 - 7 days depending on your state, great after-sales service and a 100% money back return guarantee if you aren't happy with the quality of our lock picks!

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