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Lokko Lock Pick sets are a specialist world leading supplier of locksport kits to hobbyists and locksmiths. We are a fast growing family who always put our customers first. A friendly shopping experience has always been our goal and we pride ourselves in our experience that has put us in a realm above and beyond our competitors.

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Lock Picking can be learned easily, and with our guides and videos - anyone can do it. Our customers have praised our quality selection of tools and guides - we're sure you'll love them too.

Our specialized, colorful set is designed for learners of all levels, and comes complete with:

  • A full 15 piece Pro Lock Pick Set with high quality stainless steel picks with comfortable handles, and a selection of tension tools.
  • A Secret Agent / Spy Concealed wallet-sized Credit Card Pick Set
  • A fully-working, easy clear practice padlock with a see-through mechanism with keys - ideal for learning how the moving parts work
  • A second double-sided, clear cutaway practice training lock +keys
  • Our 44-page eBook with easy to understand colour photos for Single Pin Picking (which you can upgrade to a real book at a discount - just select it from the dropdown)



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Each of our sets comes with an easy to use e-booklet - emailed to you in all it's 40 page glory. Pictures and all! A step-by-step guide teaches you how to pick a lock even if you've lost your keys.


An amazing set of picks and practice locks, whether you want to learn to be a locksmith, or want to pick up lock picking as a hobby. This is one of our most popular items for beginners learning how to lock pick. Easy to pick up, hard to master - it'll keep you going for ages!


We think we have a pretty great thing going here, but you don't have to take our word for it, see what our happy customers are saying about us!


Easy to Pick up, difficult to master

We designed the Lokko Beginners set to be simple to pick up as a new hobby or skill. Everyone enjoys hands-on challenges for the hours of distraction and brain training fun



Amaze your friends

We haven't met anyone yet who hasn't been amazed by our lock picking skills. See how every household locking mechanisms work by picking our working, see-through practice lock. See the magic behind a locksmith's skills!


Hours of Fun and Entertainment

We give you two practice locks to test your lockpicking skills out on. If that's not enough, add other locks from our store! This will keep you going for ages!


Secret Agent Card Pick Set

Every one of our Lokko Beginners Lockpick sets comes with a special Credit Card sized Pick set. Hidden away like a James Bond secret cache of tools, we think you'll enjoy this special gift as much as we did!


Practical Brain Training Challenges

Not just one lock to practice on - but two! Technically ... three, since one of our locks has two sides to test your skills on. That'll keep you entertained for a while!

Unbox your latest Obsession

You'll receive your box of fun in a few short days, complete with instruction manual (not shown in the clip next to this), lockpicks, locks, covert spy card and ... basically everything you need to get started. Challenge yourself!

Unwrap, unbox, unpack, unpick, then pick til it pops! Phew. That'll definitely keep your brain and fingers entertained and amused for hours - for more, just add the box of practice locks to the combo when you add it your shopping cart! What are you waiting for?

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Reviews from our customers

"This thing is awesome!
This is an amazing value. The practice locks are awesome. After i got used to picking them while cheating (watching the tumblers through the clear plastic side) I taped it up so I couldn't see it anymore. The ebook is very helpful too! Definitely recommend this to everyone!"
Robert - Another satisfied customer from our website

"Learning a new skill!
After about an hour I had picked my first lock. Great learning and practice tool."
Dustin - A happy customer that left a review on our website

"An excellent starter kit!
Received this kit a week ago and started lock picking as a hobby pretty much with zero experience and I can already pick simple locks. The two acrylic practice locks felt like a great way to start practicing and are fun to fiddle around with. The picks themselves feel like they're of great quality and there is a great variety of different tools in the kit. The spy card is a very fun addition to finish the kit. Great set. Would recommend to other beginners!"

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