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UK Bump Keys

If you’re looking for the premier supplier of bump keys and related lock bumping tools, you’ve come to the right place! UK Bump Keys has been trading online now for over a decade, and in that time we have designed and manufactured a multitude of bump keys and other lock picking tools for all levels.

Whether you’re looking for sets of lock picks, a single pick, a bump key, or anything else, keep an eye out for more in the future: we continue to grow and produce professional-quality lock picking tools for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bump Keys Illegal in the UK?

Like with other lock picking tools, it’s completely legal to own bump keys. There are a few caveats, however; unless you’re a working locksmith, you can’t be walking around with lock picks or like lock bumping tools. There is some wiggle room, of course; if you’re caught out in the middle of the night dressed all in black with gloves and a pick tool set that would make Harry Houdini blush, you’re in hot water.

If you’re just bringing your picking tools over to a friend’s to show off your hobby, though, you’re not really going to be in much danger of getting yourself in trouble. 

Do Bump Keys Actually Work?

Bump keys work, and they work very well! As one of the best non-destructive methods to pick a lock, a bump key is both not strictly a pick and easier to use than a pick, especially with just a little training. It’s also fast, usually much less expensive than a lock pick or a whole set of lock picks, and easily available just about anywhere and everywhere.

Combined with the fact that many types of residential and commercial door locks in the UK are susceptible to a good bump (something that lock makers instituted by design as a safety measure), there isn’t a professional locksmith that doesn’t keep at least a few different bump tools in his toolbox, right alongside his favorite pick and tension wrench, to help him out when needed.

Where Can I Buy a Bump Key?

Why, right here of course! Lockpick World has a fantastic collection of all the things you need, whether you’re looking to practice picking as a hobby or if you need the resources to support yourself as a professional locksmith. Whether it’s a pick, a bump key, a practice lock, or anything else, we’ve got it all right here.

How Do You Use a Bump Key?

While they’re not really a “skeleton” key, you use a bump key similarly in that they’re designed to fit a multitude of lock keyways, and in ways that you couldn’t with a traditional pick. Using a bump key is easy as you simply insert it completely into the lock and apply some very light tension, just enough to engage the pins of the cylinder. Then, gently strike the key with a mallet.

This literally “bumps” the key into the lock, and each and every pin in the lock automatically aligns itself. Not every pin may fall at the same time, however, which means you may need to repeat the process of bumping the key with a mallet once or twice more in order to make that reluctant pin or two fall into place. Once that last pinfalls, you’ll be able to rotate the cylinder and open the lock successfully!

Can Every Lock Be Bumped?

Bumping is a great way to pick a lock quickly and easily, but it’s not always the best option. In fact, on many locks, bumping won’t work at all! If you have a deadbolt, for example, you’ll have to pick this lock using traditional tools instead of a bump key.

Also, many newer door locks have anti-bumping characteristics that make them much more resistant to bumping. This means that, like with a deadbolt, you’ll need to pick the lock using traditional tools as well!