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Peterson Lock Pick Set

Peterson Lock Picks are some of the finest in the world, designed and manufactured by the man behind the company, the enigmatic Ken Peterson.

Understanding that lock picking tools should be durable and reliable, Peterson lockpicks ensure their products can fit most standard locks and are effortless to use. From lock pick sets to broken key extractor sets, you will be able to get your locksmith tools here with us, and all at a good deal!

Paying special attention to detail, from the respected picking tips to the legendary recognizable handles, Peterson lock picks offer professional standard picking effectiveness alongside comfort and durability.

In fact, some of the most well-known pick set designs originated at Peterson, and they have been at the forefront of lock picking tools innovation for decades. While the years might have changed, the durability and quality stays the same.

Peterson pick sets come in different varieties, depending on what you would need for your home. This includes different sizes, numbers, and purposes.

It’s important to have both a lock extractor and lock picks if you intend to start it as your business. The tools define your service, along with proper skill and handiwork. So, with our selection of pick sets and other lock pick tools, you will be able to establish it without any problems.

The lock pick sets Peterson offers are durable, easy to use, and surprisingly affordable. Our selection of locksmith tools can cater to most flat locks common in households. The Peterson Collection lock pick set is one of the best online.

Additionally, the best seller we have so far would be the Peterson GEM Rubber Handle + Government Steel Pro Lock Pick set for everyone’s toolboxes. Our lock pick tools have racked up good reviews with its durable build and easy usage.

What you'll get with Peterson lock picks is tried and tested designs, made with the kind of attention to detail only a passionate lock picker can bring to such projects. You're investing in professionalism, dedication, and an unmistakable eye for what's required to get the job done at the best level possible.

Of course, it's a bonus that our ultra-efficient warehouse dispatches orders faster than anyone else. For better deals, consider getting our lock pick sets and other tools available on our website.

Why You Should Get A Lock Pick Tool Set

It’s sad how most people have a negative perception about lock picking. If you’re a law-abiding citizen, it’s a good skill to have: You won’t ever need a locksmith if your key breaks or you lose it. Investing in good quality lock pick sets would step up your average toolbox. If you haven’t started learning to pick locks, this is your perfect opportunity to start now.

It is also important to remember that you are legally allowed to carry your lock picks and other picking tools with you, if necessary.

While it’s more expected on first responders and locksmiths, it can be life changing to know how to pick locks. Aside from saving money and time waiting for professionals, you can also offer to help other people when needed. Or, if you’re bold, you can even start a side business for this newly acquired skill!

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