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Top Survival Sites to Prepare You for the End of the World

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Lock pickers come in all shapes and sizes and recently, our site has gotten a lot of interest from 'Preppers' or 'Survivalists'.If you’re part of the prepper community (or if you’re interested in learning more about them), here are some survival blogs that should be at the top of your reading list.

As you know, there’s no shortage of high-quality survivalist blogs on the web. But we decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the most informative sites out there. Whether you’re a full-time survivalist or a weekend prepper, these blogs will give you the tools, tips and techniques to be prepared for any type of world-ending scenario.

BONUS: We’ve added links to some of the blogger’s interesting takes on lock picking that you should definitely check out. by JWR and HJL

The Survival Blog is managed by James Wesley Rawles (a survivalist author, former U.S. Army Intelligence officer and full-time novelist) and Hugh J Latimer who handles the day-to-day operation of the blog. They cover topics from disaster preparedness to online privacy and encryption. by Tom Martin

The American Preppers Network is co-owned by Tom Martin, Hugh Vail and Phil Burns. They aim to provide every American family the means to be self-reliant and be better prepared for disasters and catastrophes. They have a comprehensive online library on everything survival that you can check out for free here. by M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore at The Survivalist Blog is an emergency preparedness consultant and full-time survival author. Aside from his blog, he has written four books on survival living including 31 Days to Survival and The Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat. He also has a number of suggested books for avid survivalists which you can find here. by Lisa

Lisa the Survival Mom has been an active survival blogger since 2009. She has written over 1700 articles about survival, preparedness and maintaining a balanced home life. She has also written a book called Survival Mom and a self-published series called No Worries Guides. You can check out her books here.

Survival Life has a logical and no nonsense approach when writing about prepping, bushcraft, off the grid living and self-defense. Their writers comprise of different experts from various survival niches. Check out the writers behind Survival Life here. by Tess Pennington

Ready Nutrition run by Tess Pennington is filled with articles on homesteading, food storage and everyday preparedness. As a veteran of the Red Cross, she helped deal with the aftermath of 9/11 and has since realized how important it is to prepare for any kind of disaster situation. She has compiled her know-how and experience in a free web series called 52 Weeks to Preparednesswhich you can learn more about here. by Robert Richardson

Off Grid Survival is founded by Robert Richardson. Robert is a survival training expert with over 20 years of real-world experience, so you are sure to find in-depth advice and tips on various preparedness issues. He also covers survival-related news which you can read up on here. by Gaye

Backdoor Survival was founded by Gaye; a prepper who is enjoys DIY projects, adult coloring books and ballroom dancing. She has recently written a book on The Prepper's Guide to Food Storage which you can check out here. by Joel and Scott

Headed by Joel and Scott along with a team of contributing authors, Survival Cache has one of the most diverse teams in the survival niche. The team tackles everything from gunsmithing to gardening. You can learn more about each writer’s bio here. by Ken Jorgustin

Modern Survival was started by Ken Jorgustin on January 2010 to share his ideas and opinions on personal preparedness. You can find topics on a variety of preparedness scenarios as well as short to long term actions and solutions. Go through his blog per category here.

ITS is run by a great team headed by editor, Bryan Black. He started the blog in 2009 with the help of brothers in the Naval Special Warfare Community. The site has more than 15 articles on lock picking which you can check out here.

The same team behind Survival Cache runs SHTF Blog, so you are sure to find great quality content and information here. The team discusses everything from survival strategies to tactical gear and weapons reviews. by Creek Stewart

Creek Stewart is the founder and lead instructor for Willow Haven Outdoor, a part school, part community and part resource center. His mission is to promote and teach outdoor living as well as survival skills, including topics from urban preparedness to wilderness survival. If you are interested in taking a survival course, check out their event calendar here. by Erich

Tactical Intelligence was started by Erich as a resource for emergency preparedness, personal security, modern or primitive means of survival, and self-reliance. You can find their post on lockpickinginfographic post here. by Jamie

A Texas wife & mom of 4, Jamie at Prepared Housewives realized how important preparedness is after Hurricane Ike. She has since been an avid prepper and has shared all her stories, tips and guides through blogging. You can read up on her 5 Steps to Food Storage here.

Survivopediahas compiled tons of articles and DIY guides on various topics from survival cooking to disaster preparedness. Their writers come from some of the top survival sites so you can be assured of quality content and varied perspectives. by Thomas and Elise

More than Just Surviving is the blog by partners Thomas and Elise Xavier. They cover the usual survival topics and write reviews to help you find the best knife, multi-tool, apparel and gear. You can go over their most popular posts here.

The team behind Modern Survival Online aims to provide readers their thoughts on survival and the world today. You can find valuable insights on bushcraft, homesteading, farming, alternative power and other survival topics here. by Jane

Jane is the Mom with a Prep. She strives to live a more prepared life for her family and shares her journey with her readers. You can track her goal of filling her pantry with supplies that will last for 6 years here.

Preparing for SHTF is a great resource for product reviews and how-to guides. They have a good discussion on why preppers should learn lock picking as well as videos on specific lock picking techniques like picking a lock with hairpins and opening a padlock with a coke can.

While the team behind AllOutdoor writes primarily about hunting, fishing and outdoor gear, they also have a dedicated page for survival and preparedness. They cover topics like building stockpile and picking the best weapons when SHTF. Check out their survival stuff here.

The Prepared Ninja posts regularly every Monday and writes articles on preparedness for his readers. You can follow him on Twitter @preparedninja to get updated on his latest posts.

The Urban Survival Site has tons of articles on surviving in the city when disaster strikes. They also accept reader submissions to keep the site content diverse. So if you have any topics you want to discuss, head on to their site and share your thoughts. by Dan Sullivan

Dan and his team at Survival Sullivan have tons of informative and high-quality articles about every possible aspect of prepping and survival. You can find their in-depth take on lock picking here. by Aaron and Jonathan

In The Rabbit Hole was founded in February of 2010 by the duo, Aaron and Jonathan. They wanted to address the concerns of urban survivalists and share their passion for survival topics and Libertarian ideals. You can listen in on their popular podcast here.

The Knowledge Weighs Nothing blog has a lot of useful information, tips and suggestions for preparedness, hiking, survival, self-reliance and self-sufficiency. They have great resources for books to read and how you should pack a bug out bag. by Damian Brindle

Damian Brindle is the man behind ReThink Survival and is a self-confessed "survival enthusiast". He aims to provide readers with top-notch family emergency preparedness resources, tools, and tips. Check out the knowledge base he has put up here. by James

James at Survival Punk enjoys sharing his biggest passions: Survival, Punk Music and Paleo eating. He does a regular podcast with his friend, Couch Potato Mike, that you can listen to here. by Dale and Lisa

Dale and Lisa are the couple behind Survivalist Prepper. They started the blog in 2013 and has since become a part of the preparedness community. You can find their articles about topics from food storage to primitive skills here.

The husband-and-wife team behind SHTF Preparedness has compiled tons of articles and DIY guide on various topics like bushcraft, first aid and even camping. They even have a page for preppers who are just starting out ( you can check it out here).

Homesteader Dreamer hopes to someday own land that she and her family (a husband, 2 dogs and 2 cats) can build a self-sustainable life on. She offers a lot of tips on food preservation, gardening and everyday survival. She also has a 22-week running Saturday Survival Series which you can browse through here.

The Prep Blog is managed by 2 preppers on opposite sides of the US. They have one thing in common though, a passion for firearms, ammunition, and guns. They also discuss other topics like gardening, politics and economics, so make sure to check them out. by Bob Rodgers

Prepper's Will was started by Bob Rodgers to help others outlast any disaster situation. You can check out his articles here and browse them by category.

Know Prepare Survive is maintained by a group of fun loving people who are passionate about survival skills, cool knives and prepping. You can read up on their gear, guns and archery reviews here. They also have a great page for free resources (like ebooks and guides) which you can check out here.

How to Survive It offers a lot of information on survival, self-reliance, prepping and more. They also accept reader submissions on topics like Economics, First Aid and Sustainability. You can post your thoughts on the various topics here. by David Dawson

David Dawson at Survival-Mastery has a great post on picking the best lock pick set ( you can find his post here). He talks about the different types of lock picking tools and the best products you can buy. He even goes into the various picking techniques so make sure to check his post out. by Tobias

Tobias runs His site is a great source for survival gear reviews and prepper skill guides. He has posted on how lock picking is a survival skill and shared detailed guides on picking handcuffs and cutaway locks.

Tin Hat Ranch covers a lot of topics on survival and prepping. From creating bug out rides to cooking with a rocket stove, they have in-depth reviews and guides to help any level of prepper. You can find their video on how to pick locks here.

The Weekend Prepper offers content for people who want to prepare for any type of “emergency” situation without needing to escape civilization. They offer great insight for anyone who's not exactly a "hardcore prepper" but merely wants to be secure where they live. by Alexander

While Alexander has already retired from blogging, his site remains to be a gold mine for prepper and survivalist ideas. You can find his lock picking 101 guide here. by Jack Richland

Black Scout Survival is run by Jack Richland who has worked as a survival consultant for several television shows and is a veteran U.S. Marine. You can read through Jack’s lock picking guide for beginners here. by James

James at Plan and Prepared started out as a contributing writer for GrayWolfSurvival but has since branched out with his own blog. As a police officer and former outdoor survival instructor, he offers a lot of useful tips and guides. You can go through his prepper recommendations here.

The people behind Be Survival eat, sleep, and breathe survival. They have a very comprehensive post on how to pick a lock that includes videos and a segment that talks about the legalities of lock picking. You can also check out their post on which everyday items can be used to pick locks.

The Urban Survival Network aims to provide easily digestible information on survival issues and prepper concerns to help you learn efficiently. The site covers topics from survival gear to self-defense and even homesteading. by Michael

Michael is the owner and writer of On Point Preparedness. He has been involved in the preparedness movement ever since the events of 9/11 and has even started his own local survival group in Cincinnati. You can find his comprehensive post on how he got started on lock picking here. It's a great primer for anyone starting out. by David

David is the man behind Truth Survival. An avid survivalist, outdoorsman, and prepper, he is passionate about spreading the word on survival and disaster prepping. You can find his take on lock picking here. It includes a how-to video, suggestions on picking tools and a short commentary on the legalities of the practice.

The Survival Channel has a ton of survival related content including podcasts, articles, and videos. They are written by experienced survivalists and bloggers from other prepper sites. They have an in-depth guide to tubular lock picking which you can read here. by Christian Travers

Christian Travers atSurvivalized has plenty of quality articles on camping, fishing, survival, and related gear. He even created an infographic on lock picking for survival which you can view here. by Shane

Shane runs The Doomsday Moose, a site that promises to improve your chances of surviving the coming apocalypse. The site has a really great resource page to help you choose the best survival food to pack on your bug out bag. Shane also writes reviews on survival-related books and products, so make sure to check out his site. by Skip Tanner

Skip Tanner is the lead author on the Expert Prepper. He has been an avid outdoorsman and hiker since he was 15 years old, so it's no wonder that he has branched out to being a survivalist. You can read all his posts and opinions on prepping here.

Vigil Prudence hopes to help more women to be self-reliant, aware and confident. Their site offers tons of advice on usual girl stuff (like laundry, grocery shopping, and meal planning or budgeting) and less feminine topics (like mowing the lawn, unclogging a toilet, installing home security and preparing for disasters). Check out their suggested reading list here. by Phil and Sandy Hovatter

Phil and Sandy Hovatter are the couple behind The Approaching Day Prepper. They started to get into prepping when they saw a potential for disaster during the Y2K Scare. While nothing big came of it, Phil and Sandy realized that it was the training ground for any future event or disaster. Read the full story on how they became preppers here. by Joseph & Donna Miller

Joseph & Donna Miller own and operate as the family business, Millers Grain House, as well as the blog Grain Store House. They aim to help more people become self-sustaining through their posts. You can find their tips, guides and ideas for food sustainability here. by Chris Martenson

Chris Martenson, along with Adam Taggart, founded Peak Prosperity. Their site is aimed towards people who are aware (aware of that inflation exists, that our monetary system has flaws, or that resources are depleting) and are willing to take action. They have an excellent crash course to help you prosper amidst our changing economy.

Survivor Jane covers a lot of topics from survival gear and techniques to food storage and gardening. She has compiled all her posts and added even more information in her 4 books which you can find here. by Christopher Hill

Survival and Prosperity was started by veteran blogger and Chicago-area researcher, Christopher E. Hill, on November 2010. Now, the site has over 3,000 posts covering various topics like Gun Rights, Security, the Green Revolution and many more. He also has a very informative resource page which you can find here. by Scott Hunt

Scott Hunt is the owner of Practical Preppers. Through his site, he shows others how to grow and preserve their own food, secure their own water source and have an alternative energy supply. Check out his website and his YouTube channel, @engineer775. by Randy and Alice Powers

Randy and Alice Powers are behind Practical Tactical for You, a site aiming to help you and your family plan for any disaster. Their site covers topics like disaster preparedness, homesteading and emergency planning. You can check out what they have to offer here.

Prepper Survival Homestead is an aggregate site for all things survival. You can find all the good articles from every blog in this list and then some. Check the site out here.

Off The Grid News is an alternative news site offering tons of practical information on living and surviving off the grid. They have weekly email newsletter and weekly radio show you can subscribe to. by Dr. James Hubbard

Dr. James Hubbard is The Survival Doctor. With over 30 years of experience as a family doctor and emergency care physician, he has great insight and tips to help you care for your family in times of disaster or emergencies. He describes his site as "a combination of science, improvisational medicine, and Grandma’s home remedies", so make sure to check it out. by Jack Spirko

Jack Spirko is the man behind The Survival Podcast, an online talk show that teaches self-sufficiency in the modern world. He started recording on June 2008 while commuting from Arlington to Frisco Texas. Now he has turned his podcast into a full time business. You can listen to him here. by Susanne

Susanne is The Hillbilly Housewife. She posts about frugal living and how to best use limited resources. Check out her recipes and homesteading tips here.

Real World Survivor is your helping hand to prepare, protect and prevail in any type of disaster. They have a really interesting page that chronicles survivor stories from real life survivors. Be inspired and amazed by their "I Survived" stories here. by Pat Henry

Pat Henry is the author behind The Prepper Journal. He started blogging on January 2013 to help people become more prepared for natural or man-made disasters. Check out what Pat has to say here.

SHTF Plan has numerous articles, videos and commentary on prepping and survival. Their team of writers and contributing authors cover almost every aspect of the community, so make sure to check them out.

Gray Wolf Survival is run a Combat Veteran with a background on counterintelligence. With a background on hosting website as well as tons of experience with the outdoors, combat environments and harsh environments, he decided to share his prepper and survivalist knowledge in blog form. Check out what he has to say here. by Jack

Jack at Skilled Survival promises to help you "prepare, adapt and overcome any and all emergencies". And his blog delivers, with tons of informative articles on food storage, setting up a bug out shelter, etc. If you are new to the survival community, make sure to check out his Beginner's Guide here. by Chet and Dave Womach

The Prepper Project has lots of insightful posts on food production, defense training, first aid and bugging out. The site is run by brothers, Chet and Dave Womach. You can read more about their survival blogging journey here.

Preparedness Advice blog covers topics about emergency preparedness, food storage and survival-related products. The people behind the blog also run a YouTube channel which you can check out here. by Leon Pantenburg

Survival Common Sense is written by Leon Pantenburg. He is a wilderness enthusiast with over 30 years of experience on journalism. His site is full of quality content to help you survive in any wilderness situation. by Kellene

Kellene heads Preparedness Pro, a site dedicated to "providing guidance and encouragement for Peaceful Preparedness". She has written over 700 articles to help you become more self-reliant on a day-to-day basis. Find out more about Kellene here. by Angela

Angela is the woman behind Food Storage and Survival. She describes herself as a simple girl with a passion for preparedness. You can read about her insights on survival and homesteading here. by JJ Johnson

JJ Johnson is the man behind Reality Survival. He served as a SERE Instructor for the US Air Force and has a wealth of information on how to survive in all types of environments. You can go through his practical and logical survival techniques here. by Steve Ackerman

Steve Ackerman runs Let’s Talk Survival, a survival blog focused on emergency preparedness and self-reliance. Steve regularly writes about survival skills and techniques as well as reviews survival gear and tools.

Prepper Survive

Nettie David, the woman behind Prepper Survive, believes that people should become more self-reliant and not depend on the government for basic necessities such as food, water, etc. As a Girl Scout, Nettie urges people to always be prepared, especially for disasters and crises. To that end, she started Prepper Survive to simplify prepping, its mindset, and its best practices. She wants to help people start preparing for any emergencies and life-threatening situations.

Everyday Carry Gear

At first glance, Everyday Carry Gear looks like a store that sells survival gear; however, it’s actually a site that reviews portable equipment and makes comprehensive product recommendations. The people at Everyday Carry Gear appraise numerous items, including survival essentials like knives, flashlights, and bags, every day and go in-depth on the nuances and specifications of the products they’re writing about. They always go for that extra mile because they want to help people discover equipment that can improve their lives.

The Homestead Wife

Amber the Homestead Wife lives in an old ranch in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s been learning how to live off the land and become self-reliant. She shares her growth on her blog, which now contains several articles and guides on topics such as farming, gardening, and food preparation. Follow her journey and learn self-reliance with her as she publishes her new discoveries on her blog.

Survival Nation

A man, a woman, and three mastiffs form the Survival Nation, a survival blog filled with wilderness wisdom. Their mission is to create a network of like-minded individuals to share knowledge and resources, and they’ve already made significant progress to that end with over a hundred affiliated survival and prepping blogs and sites. By being a hub for every prepper and survivalist, Survival Nation ensures that everyone survives and thrives together.

Prepping To Survive

Preparing for survival situations can be a daunting and complicated task, but Prepping to Survive simplifies things with quick and easy-to-follow materials. Knowledge is the most valuable resource to a survivalist, and Prepping to Survive’s archive of prepping guides and info can teach you the essential skills needed to survive any catastrophe. The site even contains military manuals on topics as basic as map reading or as specialized as guerilla warfare.

Bug Out Survival

Bug Out Survival instills readers with the survival mindset necessary to escape any natural or man-made disaster and live through it while hiding in the wilderness. It’s resource website that teaches visitors what to do during a crisis situation and what to prepare before it happens, because bugging out needs a lot of preparation and training beforehand. Otherwise, the wild can claim your life just as easily as the catastrophe you’re running from.

Prepper Bits

When shit hits the fan, there’s no time to gather your things and pack; you can only grab whatever gear you’ve prepared and start running. Prepping can be difficult for most people as packing too much or too little can jeopardize their lives.

Prepper Bits knows that and so the site provides survival guides which are split into bit-sized, easy-to-digest info. It also keeps visitors updated on news that can potentially lead to disaster.

Daily Survival

Prepping doesn’t have to be about disaster survival; it can also help improve one’s day-to-day life, and that’s the doctrine of Daily Survival. The blog teaches skills that can be applicable both at home and in the wild, like opening a can of food without a can opener. It also publishes helpful tips on how one can prepare for calamities as well as for everyday problems.

Prepper Website

Prepper Website was once a school joke about zombies but has since shed its undead jest and matured into a resource hub for articles, news, and sites about emergency preparation, DIY, survival, etc.

The site is run by an ordained minister who believes that people should be prepared for any uncertainty. To that end, Pastor Todd keeps the site as minimalistic as possible to focus on teaching and informing people on matters of survival preparation.

Survival Stockpile

Survival Stockpile is a survival enthusiast’s source for quality equipment for fishing, hunting, camping, and survival in general. The site also sells fun items for adventurous individuals and hobbyists like kayaks and slingshots. Its inventory even includes compound bows, crossbows, and various targets for those wanting to become hunters. And though Survival Stockpile only has air guns available because of legal reasons, it does have live ammo in stock.

The Survival Place Blog

The Survival Place Blog contains over ten thousand articles on survival preparation and disaster news. While mainly focused on natural calamities, the blog does cover man-made tragedies as well, like civil wars and riots. With the world as it is, The Survival Place Blog wants everyone to be prepared for any inevitability. After all, Mother Nature is fickle, and disasters can come as quickly and silently as the wind.

Alpha Survivalist

In this blog, Danny Major, the Alpha Survivalist, teaches visitors vital survival skills like how to secure food, water, and shelter after disaster strikes. He believes that one should always be prepared for any survival situation; thus, he makes it his goal to impart as much knowledge as possible to help people become self-reliant and capable of protecting themselves from danger.

I.N.C.H. Survival Gear

Though skills and knowledge can significantly help one survive a disaster, one also needs the right gear to assure one’s continued existence in relative comfort. With that in mind, I.N.C.H. Survival Gear guides preppers on what items are most useful in a survival situation. The site constantly posts product reviews on the latest survival tools, equipment, and even tech items. Apart from that, the site also has a set of articles—all arranged neatly for quick access—and a bug-out checklist for people new to survival prepping.

Year Zero Survival

A resource site, a store, a blog all rolled into one: Year Zero Survival. It publishes survival guides, it sells disaster supplies, it has everything one needs to live through any doomsday scenario. In fact, Year Zero Survival covers every emergency, from disastrous earthquakes to minor blackouts, and provides a guide and a kit for each situation. Survivalists will find Year Zero Survival a great place to start their preparations.

Free Survivalist

Free Survivalist appeals to preppers who love the democratic value of liberty and the right to free speech. While there are many blogs that cover preparedness for natural and man-made disasters, Free Survivalist is one of the rare sites that delve into conspiracy theories and seek the truth behind them. The site keeps an eye on movements behind the world stage and keeps readers informed on how best to prepare for them. Of course, Free Survivalist also publishes educational material on prepping, like DIY projects for living off the grid or the basics for setting up a camp.

Mask Tactical

Mask Tactical is the home of the Warrior Tribe, a group of like-minded individuals who share a passion for self-defense and survival, fitness and health, and overall preparedness for any conflict or disaster. Led by infantry veteran Ian Talbert, the Warrior Tribe welcomes any who seeks self-improvement and offers specialized training to their members. However, their site, Mask Tactical, does contain a vault of free information on prepping, survival, and their related practices.

Practical Survival Blog

To many people, prepping can seem expensive, but Practical Survival Blog believes otherwise. The people behind the site have personally planned and prepped for emergencies and disasters using materials accessible to anyone. Their firsthand experience gives them an edge over other blogs that only rely on theories.

Apart from that, Practical Survival Blog has written about every possible disaster and how to prepare for them; thus, their extensive list of materials will be useful for every prepper regardless of proficiency.

Apartment Prepper

Most survival blogs and prepper sites are usually directed at people who have their own houses. Apartment Prepper fills the apartment niche and focuses on teaching urban dwellers how to prepare for emergencies and survive disasters with their locale in mind. Readers of the blog follows the author as she publishes her experiences as an apartment prepper, giving insight to those with the same situation as hers.

Survival Tek

Ken Youngquist, an experienced adventurer and man of nature, shares his survival savviness on his blog, Survival Tek. His years of travelling offers readers a direct perspective at what it’s like to survive in the wild, and his accrued survival knowledge makes his insights valuable to any prepper. As a testament to his skill, Ken Youngquist has been featured in media outlets, including the Wilkes Journal-Patriot magazine and the Mountain Television Network.

Prepared For Survival

Prepared For Survival is a straightforward blog about becoming more self-sufficient. The site gives visitors the know-how on surviving this era of economic difficulty, including tips on stockpiling while enduring poverty. Perhaps the most helpful of the blog’s articles are its collection of recipes for budget yet filling meals that can be stored for several days.

Instinct Survivalist

Instinct Survivalist operates on the idea that “the more you know, the less you have to carry.” To that end, the blog publishes articles on bushcraft and wilderness skills. Though the blog does some occasional product review, it leans more toward imparting knowledge to its visitors. The site isn’t just limited to articles either; Instinct Survivalist also has its own YouTube channel, with weekly videos containing survival tips and the author’s personal experiences in the wild.

US Preppers

Robert and Beth Conner created the US Preppers blog as a resource for those who want to learn how to protect and provide for their family under any condition—normalcy or in crisis. Any family, rich or poor, will find US Preppers’s articles helpful in preparing for natural disasters or man-made calamities. After all, only a prepper couple like the Conners knows what’s best for families during an emergency.

Surviving Dystopia

Whether it’s Orwell’s 1984, Huxley’s Brave New World, or Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, there’s no denying that dystopias are miserable places to live in—much less survive. Surviving Dystopia recognizes the possibility that America may soon become a dystopia and so strives to educate people how to prepare for it and survive. While mainly a blog, Surviving Dystopia also has a podcast on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network.

Shield N Seal

In a survival situation, food is a necessity that is hard to come by. Jonathan Heiniemi of Shield N Seal addresses the issues of sustainable food conversation through cost-effective selling to the market. His blog is peppered with tips and insights on growing food at home and how to properly store those produce to make them last. There are also mouthwatering recipes that are prepared with care and can be stored for days, perfect for survival scenarios.

Herbal Survival

In the event of disasters or civil unrest, only those who know their way in the wild can survive. Your greatest chance lies in sustaining your needs through nutritional and medical herbs. Herbal Survival is just the blog you are looking for if you want to glean advice, insights, and lots of tips on how to make it once catastrophe arrives. Not only will you learn the ways to find and concoct cures for your ailments once your medicine runs out, but there are also natural concepts to aid you in dealing with cooking, heating and lighting, and of course, survival ideas that will sustain your nutritional needs during survival situations.

The Nerdy Survivalist

It is the mark of a true survivalist to understand that bad things can happen and to prepare for them beforehand. A brainchild of a writer, mother, and world explorer, The Nerdy Survivalist covers everything from self-defense to natural preparations. There are also other entries and resources that will help you declutter and organize, useful traits that the ultimate survivalist can truly appreciate.

Happy Preppers

Being prepared is one of the best qualities of a survivalist. Your level of preparedness can make you or break you once the situation takes a wrong turn. Happy Preppers teaches you how to ace it in a fun and exciting way. They address any challenge that may come your way, be it purifying water or boosting your food storage.

There are also ways to use use wool blankets, streamline tablets, develop food-rationing strategy. Prepare to live happy ever after with them!

The Preparedness Experience

If you are serious about survival skills, you need to master the six areas of preparedness. These include food, sanitation, first aid, shelter, security, and water. But don’t worry because The Preparedness Experience has got your back. This blog discusses every possible disaster scenario and the steps you can take to prepare for it. The aim is not only to provide visitors with resources and information that can help them get ready once setbacks or calamities strike but also to do it in a way that makes learning a fun and enjoyable experience, with live videos, group chats, and contributions from preparedness experts.

Ask a Prepper

Whether it is tips for the best survival foods or finding emergency shelters when you are on the move, Ask a Prepper excels in everything how-to. This blog is a rich resource for preparedness, survival, and alternative news. So brush up on your survival knowledge, and learn the ways to make it after a catastrophe. You will have a greater chance to survive when you have achieved the mark of a true prepper.

Homestead Survival Site

If your idea is to move far from civilization, Homestead Survival Site is the answer to your prayers. This blog teaches readers the art of living off the grid, from homesteading skills like gardening, foraging, farming, fishing, canning, and many others, to learning all about first-aid and striving to be frugal. There are also tips on cooking and food storage. It is indeed a treasure trove of knowledge and learning for the true survivalist.

Mama Kautz

Created by Mary Kautz, this blog has everything covered, from homeschooling and frugal living to essential oils and toxic-free living. But what will capture your survivalist instincts is the addition of homesteading and preparedness insights that will set you down the path of self-sufficiency. What better way to get ready for the natural disasters and social turmoil. Read up on survival skills to help you along.

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