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You Can Open Locks With Skeleton Keys + VIDEO

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Jiggler Technology Transformed to Use On Pin Cylinder Locks.

Hello Everyone!

"Jigglers" are basically Skeleton Keys, and "Jiggling" is a lock picking technique that beginners can use to open locks quickly and easily. In fact, the chances are you've already used the technique with a normal key!

You know when your door lock won't open and you wiggle the key about a bit? That's it. These Jigglers are designed to work exactly like that - but on many locks.

SouthOrd 13 Piece Pin-Cylinder Jigglers

SouthOrd 13 Piece Pin-Cylinder Jigglers

On older car locks, certain padlocks, desks, lockers, post-boxes - basically any pin-cylinder type lock can be vulnerable to the technique of Jiggling.  Jigglers make lock picking an instantly available skill.

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Traditional lock picking uses a pick and a tension tool. Jigglers are the pick and the tension tool in one. And you don't pick each pin individually, they are all picked together.

You insert one of the 13 Jigglers, give it a jiggle, give it a wiggle, move it in and out a couple of times, turn it right, turn it left, shake it, vibrate it, and suddenly, the lock is open.

Opening a Eurocylinder on a UPVC door

Opening a Eurocylinder on a UPVC door

The combination of SouthOrd design and manufacture, combined with the simple and effective technique of Jiggling means even someone who has never picked a lock can be opening them in seconds. Tough, durable, easy to use and great at picking locks - perfect.

We have limited stock, so get yours HERE

Watch this video to see the Southord 13pc Cylinder Jigglers in action...


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