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Labor Day Dangerfield Products 15% Discount

Posted by Chris Dangerfield on

Hello all

To celebrate Labor Day we're offering a whopping 15% discount from these TOP products in our DANGERFIELD range.

Use code - labor15 - at checkout to receive a 15% discount on these Dangerfield products in your cart.

These are some of our best-selling and most in demand lock picking treats!

Don't ask yourself "What do I need?", ask yourself "What do I want?" because life's more fun like that!

DANGERFIELD Praxis 21pcs Dual-Gauge Professional Lock Pick Set

What more can be said about the incredibly well conceived and manufactured PRAXIS set? Bosnian Bill regularly sings its praises and uses this set in most of his videos. With each of the 8 picks provided in two gauges, including some of the finest rakes - this set will serve you well all the way from beginner to advanced professional, and everywhere in between. PRAXIS also contains a fine selection of tension tools, including Top of Keyway in dual-gauge and three different Bottom of Keyway wrenches. All wrapped up in a tough, protective case. With 15% off - this is the perfect time to up your game! SEE MORE


DANGERFIELD 10pcs Serenity Lock Pick Set.

If you don't know where to start, you do now! The DANGERFIELD 10pcs Serenity Lock Pick Set is a perfectly compact selection of everything you need to start lock picking. All the picks, rakes and tension tools you need to pick like a pro. It was great value before the 15% discount, but now you can kit yourself out with this professional lock pick set for less than the price of a few beers. SEE MORE


DANGERFIELD Bogota Lock Rakes

When Bogotas hit the scene a few years ago the lock picking world almost shook with excitement. These deliciously well designed and mirror-polished rakes caused such a stir they pretty much changed the face of lock pick sets worldwide. You'd be hard pressed to find a comprehensive set of picks without at least one Bogota or Bogota variation. Our Bogotas have received great review after great review and are considered by many the finest quality Bogotas available. Almost indestructible and polished to a shine, you'll be able to see your smile in them with every lock they pick. Dangerfield Bogotas - let the quality do the work! SEE MORE



Based on the Bogota pick shape this superb 2 rake set exploits very common pinning patterns and provides a disproportionate amount of success for 2 little tools! Dangerfield Soho Rakes will make almost any pick set better, but they also stand alone as an ingeniously designed couple of rakes you'll learn to cherish. These excellently priced rakes are now even better value if you choose to make use of the discount, and once you've used them a couple of times, you won't need to take my word for it - you'll see for yourself. SEE MORE


Dangerfield Tof of Keyway (TOK) 5pcsTension Wrench Set

Those of us who've been picking locks for a while can remember when Top of Keyway wrenches did not exist. The odd person experimented with wrenching at the top, but it never really caught on. Then suddenly, a couple of years ago, all sorts of sets burst onto the scene and now it's hard to imagine life without them! There's all manner of reasons why they're awesome, but the main one is to do with space. A standard bottom of keyway wrench takes up space in the lock, space you could be using for your pick. Top of keyway wrenches take up NO space in the lock at all, leaving your picks to wander round in the lock like it was a room! A must have  - especially with 15% off! SEE MORE


So there you go - Happy Labor Day - save yourself a HUGE 15% on these products and give your lock picking skills the quality tools they deserve. Use code...

labor15 checkout to enjoy getting your hands on some new kit, at absolutely smashing prices!

Happy picking!

Chris Dangerfield



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