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"I had always wanted a lock pick gun, but figured they were a gimmick from TV cop shows. However, when I finally got around to getting one I was surprised just how useful a tool this is. If you have the tension on the wrench just right, I have been able to open a padlock with one squeeze. More often it takes 3 or for quick pops of the handle, but this is pretty easy. This gun is high quality and very sturdily built. I think it is well worth the cost!"
David N.
disc detainer pick
"Excellent, works well."
Brad W.
No book
"Everything came on time as I ordered. Faster than I expected. I still gove 5 stars because mistakes happen and we are all human. Hope they send me one soon."
First lock pick set
"This my first set I’ve bought. This set contains good picks for a starter, I’ve been able to pick a few locks so far. They are good quality except the rubber handle had to be put on by hand, which wasn’t easy and some of mine still are not on all the way. overall it is a great set and definitely worth the money."
Aaron L.
Good starter set
"This is my first set so I don't know how others operate. I was able to pick a lock in my first ten minutes using them."
Stephen N.
This thing is awesome!
"This is an amazing value. The practice locks are awesome. After i got used to picking them while cheating (watching the tumblers through the clear plastic side) I taped it up so I couldn't see it anymore. The ebook is very helpful too! Definitely recommend this to everyone!"
Robert C.
J A.
"Love my pick set and transparent padlock. The pick sleeves are real finger savers. Seeing what happens inside lets me visualize what's going on in other locks. I've already picked almost all the locks in my house - practice, practice, practice. Love it!"
J A.
Excellent kit
"I am thoroughly pleased with this kit. Every tool is useable and good quality. Excellent value for the price. "
Ryan H.
24 piece lock pickset
"My buying experience from you was Excellent to say the lease , I receiver the items I ordered in a very timely manner. Thanks again for the great service. Alan,"
Alan B.
Quick Ship and Great Tool
"I've used several different brands of electric guns but hands down this has to be the best around. Easy to use and makes quick work out of house unlock calls. Shout out to for the easy to navigate website, quick turn around on order. I will be back for further purchases."
Bogotá Lockpick Elite set.
"Delivered on time. I had my first lock open in 2 minutes. Very happy with my purchase. "
Kirk S.
Great product for beginners!
"I'd had some experience picking locks laying around but this was my first purchase of a targeted training lock. The acrylic is neat to see what's going on while working a given pin."
Zachary W.
Almost a perfect set of picks!
"I love these picks so much many have made it into my everyday carry kit. Especially the deforest diamond, perfect for higher security locks. the quality of steel is excellent. Just a little sanding and polishing and you have picks that can feel the slightest of feedback. These picks are so strong and resistant to deforming that I have actually used one of the short hooks in fifteen thousands as a handcuff shim. I mean that pretty much says it all right there!"
Jonathan D.
1st time buyer
"This set is a great starter set will learn how to use these and have opened quite a few locks all ready "
Roi S.
Great kit for beginners or experienced lock pickers.
"This is exactly what i wanted. I bought this kit on the recommendation Bosnian Bill Youtube Channel so i already knew it was gonna be great. This is the fourth purchase i have made based on his recommendation and he hasn't steered me wrong yet. I may be buying some handles from you in the near future. I haven't decided. I would recommend this kit to everyone i know."
Kevin L.
SouthOrd PXS 14
"I'm just entering the lock pick hobby. The SouthOrd PXS-14 is a great quality and value set of "picks"."
Donald B.
New to picking.
"These have been great. I had always wanted to start picking, and then I saw my friend with these. I bought some as soon as I got home and I'm glad I did. I've picked several locks that were lying around my house and even resorted to buying one. These are easy to carry around. If you spend hours using them you might feel some pain, but for a quick easy hobby or actually picking for a reason they work really well and so far have held up great. Thanks for the quality. "
David B.
supply's bought
"whilst the store does require more of a variety the prices were great the availability was good and the customer care was good i highly recommend this store as all orders were shipped and received promptly and were as advertised."
Federico Z.
good built
"This practice padlock is solid and good built. It is suitable for amateur since the mechanism is not too complicated. "
yosita s.
Multipick Kronos Complete Electric Lock Pick Set
"Best State of the Art lock electronic picking tool."
Rafael I.
Southord Pxs14 lockpick set
"Great starter set. My second one, great for gifts."
Kerry K.
Perfect Beginner Set
"I was able to identify the picks that work best for me and got picking right away. Good quality sturdy tools."
Anthony, V.
Top notch, like always
"High quality products are the standard here?"
Andrew O.
Southord slimline picks
"They are some good picks but I put some heat shrink on the handles and they feel great. The case is also a great case with a nice zipper"
Ian H.
What an EPG!
"Having watched Bosnian Bill’s review of the Kronos I looked online to buy one. LockPickWorld was the best value and having used them before I made the purchase. In short, I couldn’t be happier! Thank you."
Mac D.
A perfect tool if you know how to use.
"Absolutely love it! I’ve been working as a general handyman for 30 years and this tool has changed my life. When it first arrived I couldn’t open anything, so I sought the assistance of a lock picking friend. Once you understand applying tension it becomes a beast! It saves me so much time when people lose their keys or I need quick entry. Special thanks to the LPW team too for their customer service. "
Joel R.
There great
"These are absolutely great, been practicing ever since I got em!!!"
Augenie B.
"Don't have one yet.. but you'd think someone would have at least mentioned the case.."
Lamont H.
Where is it
"I haven’t received this yet or the 24 piece lock pick set I ordered can you please inform me of when I can expect delivery???"
Vanessa M.
Hi Lockpick World
"Sorry, I can’t review your product. It hasn’t arrived yet."
Marcy M.